“11Onze is dead, of course, it is!”

11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves: Shelter Schools for Children

11Onze celebrates 2 years ready for growth

11Onze Recommends: 11Onze quality products

Monetising savings by beating the banks

We are not smarter, we are more free

Gold Seed: at 11Onze we sow gold

Finança Litigis: how to make money from the banks

Precious 11Onze presents Gold Seed!

Take it or leave it, but 11Onze explains it to you

Beat the banks, make money and get justice

"11Onze insures 100% of deposits"

11Onze: savings for all budgets

From physical to virtual cards

Tutorial: How to follow 11Onze on Telegram

If you love them, gift them gold

Fintech Talks: "Generation Z and money"

The first anniversary of Preciosos 11Onze

Banks are paying billions for misleading customers

Last day to buy gold coins for Epiphany!

Opening a gift for tomorrow’s future

David Garrofé analyses the future labour market

Fintech Talks: energy efficiency

Deadlines to buy gold coins

Follow live the 'Que no faltin!'

2020 Krugerrand Coins Sold Out

What the labour market of the future will be like

How to buy gold coins for tomorrow’s future

David Garrofé: 11 ideas for changing the economy

History of the Britannia and Krugerrand coins

Energy: "at 11Onze we want to be sustainable"

A gift for tomorrow’s future

How much do you save with 11Onze Segurs?

Watch the 'Que no faltin!' on crypto-economics

Don't miss the next podcast of 'Que no faltin!

The 'natural law' and responsible consumption

A new crypto winter for cryptocurrencies?

"We are moving to a completely virtualised world"

Follow the premiere of 'Que no faltin!' live!


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  1. Laura Bunyol Bartrina says:

    A tu Núria!

11Onze Escola is up and running

“With cryptocurrencies, the money is yours”

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El Canut wins a Centauri Award

11Onze premieres: live financial education

Analysis: what is the best business account?

El Canut, nominated for the IDI Awards

11Onze Business: 180 countries and 28 currencies

Fintech Talks: what have you learned this year?

150 investors 10 days before ending the Big Leap!

1 year of El Canut

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