Watch the 'Que no faltin!' on crypto-economics

How much do you save with 11Onze Segurs?

Don't miss the next podcast of 'Que no faltin!

The 'natural law' and responsible consumption

A new crypto winter for cryptocurrencies?

"We are moving to a completely virtualised world"

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  1. Laura Bunyol BartrinaLaura Bunyol Bartrina says:

    A tu Núria!

11Onze Escola is up and running

“With cryptocurrencies, the money is yours”

Fintech Talks: Resetting the economy, possible?

El Canut wins a Centauri Award

11Onze premieres: live financial education

Analysis: what is the best business account?

El Canut, nominated for the IDI Awards

11Onze Business: 180 countries and 28 currencies

Fintech Talks: what have you learned this year?

150 investors 10 days before ending the Big Leap!

1 year of El Canut

More than 100 new investors make the Big Leap!

"Everyone has appreciated the transparency"

Have you not yet joined 11Onze's big leap?

11Onze Business is now in the testing phase

Fintech Talks: what did you learn this year?

Back Office: plainly speaking… a pain in the neck!

James Sène: "We are launching an account for SMEs"

Petitet & 11Onze, at the Festa de la Sal

11Onze is about to make the big leap

James Sène: "They’re not telling people the truth"

"If the community wins, I will also win"

Protecting our savings with gold

James Sène: What people are asking for is service

The art of creating a brand

Fintech Talks: what are NFTs?

How has the tourism model evolved?

The destiny is clear, and so is, how to get there

11Onze District: the marketing agency of 11Onze

The countless functions of El Canut

11Onze denounces Banco Sabadell

How the Preciosos 11Onze gold is processed

Truth shreds fiction

Win a batch of Natulim products at La Plaça!

How to prevent burglary during the holidays

Banco Sabadell unjustifiably blocks 11Onze's money

Now, everything 11Onze at your fingertips!


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  1. Aitor CanudasAitor Canudas says:

    A poc a poc anirem actualitzant l’APP, no per igualar les de…

Work and romance: incompatible?

Have you tried the 11Onze Segurs simulator?

Win prizes with "La rumba dels calerons"!

The new 11Onze cards are reaching customers!

"Nothing wrong in saying that we are Catalanists"

Gold as a safe-haven asset against inflation

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