"They have pumped loads of money into the economy"

"Everyone has appreciated the transparency"

"Sanctions are hugely detrimental to Europe"

"Banking saves money on customer service"

The future of finance at Fintech Talents

Iu Alemany: "The financial lobby doesn't like us"

We start delivering Preciosos 11Onze’s gold

Gold as a safe-haven asset against inflation

The importance of rational water use

11Onze, invited by Fintech Talents

First anniversary of La Plaça

11Onze’ Spring kicks off

11Onze, honoured at the prestigious Webby Awards

"We need to reduce our planned expenditure"

Excellent reception of 11Onze Essentials

1,000 euros in savings thanks to a water filter

"Acquiring useful resources to face the future"

‘In a few days’: How establishment acts in the dark

"Keeping wealth by buying gold collectively"

"Community access to get the best price"

New episode of El Diner: gold, the king metal

"NFTs are born out of a need from digital art"

1 year of 11Onze's Academy: sticking together

"NFTs give real value to brands"

James Sène: What people are asking for is service

“We have the highest inflation in 30 years”

“Traditional banks will offer minimum services”

“11Onze makes collective intelligence grow”

David Garrofé: 11 ideas for changing the economy

James Sène: "Banks will disappear in ten years"

The guide to buying gold with Preciosos 11Onze

“Gold is a protection”

“11Onze does not sell your data to do business”

You can now buy gold with Preciosos 11Onze

“The 11Onze website will soon be booming”

11Onze helps you buy gold

Fintech Talks: discovering fintech trends

Protecting our savings with gold

The verification process, even simpler

Buying at TMB with the 11Onze card

11Onze's website, nominated for UX Design Award

“The community can beat traditional banks”

Financial education: we launch ‘11Onze School’

“With high inflation, the best bet is to invest”

"The technology is here, it's all up to us"

“With cryptocurrencies, the money is yours”

Fintech Talks: we explain cryptocurrencies to you


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“11Onze is a transcendental project”

How much can I transfer to my 11Onze account?

In 2022, 11Onze is coming back twice as strong

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