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At 11Onze we look for the best alternatives on the market so that La Plaça users can earn interest on their savings. In a worrying economic context, with low-interest rates and high volatility in the financial markets, everyone wonders:

Can you make your savings profitable in an easy and safe way?
Yes, it is possible with a Guaranteed Fund.

Guaranteed Fund


The capital and returns are 100% insured by one of the world ‘s leading insurers. Therefore, you avoid market fluctuations, and you can be sure that you will get up to 35% interest on your money in 10 years.


Spanish banks offer lower returns than other European banks. Moreover, when you take out a deposit with a bank, your money is only guaranteed up to €100,000 per person per bank by the deposit guarantee fund of that country.

Inflation devalues your savings, and the volatility of the market does not encourage you to risk your hard-earned money.

The minimum investment is €125,000.

For more information, just click here if you are an individual or here if you are a legal entity.

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If you are a private person

If you have sold a house, if you have received an inheritance, if you have been saving for a long time… the Guaranteed Fund is a good option to get a return on this money, to make sure it doesn’t become unproductive.

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If you are a business

If your business has generated profits, putting them in the Guaranteed Fund will help you to increase their value.

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