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Insurance with 11Onze’s values

Insurance is an essential expense because it helps us to protect ourselves, but can we do better? At 11Onze Segurs we offer insurance for our community and with 11Onze’s values. What does this mean?


  • 💰 Better price. By being a member of 11Onze you will have better conditions.
  • 📱 Digital. No paperwork, making it easy.
  • 📁 Transparent. No hidden clauses or complicated small print. We explain everything.
  • 👍 Socially responsible. We have a vocation for service and a desire to improve our environment.
  • ✅ 11Onze quality. 11Onze’s intermediation guarantees that the insurance company’s service is optimal. The community gives us more strength!

⬇️ What about you? What insurance do you need?

The right insurance for your home

Home 🏠

We present 11Onze Segurs to cover another essential expense: insurance. Let’s start with home insurance in partnership with Tuio.

⬇️  The proposal is simple!


Zero-mile insurance

Vehicles 🚗

At 11Onze Segurs we like to make it easy for you. That’s why we have reached an agreement with the Catalan mutual insurance company Mussap so that you can take out the best insurance for your vehicles.

⬇️ What’s so special about it?

I want to know more!

The best insurance for your friend!

Pets 🐶

Your best friend needs the best insurance, now that it will be mandatory under the Animal Welfare Act.

⬇️ Discover how to insure your dog with 11Onze Segurs and Mussap.

Let's go!
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