Pet insurance

11Onze Segurs

According to the Animal Welfare Law, all dog owners will have civil liability insurance for their pets. That’s why 11Onze Segurs offers, in collaboration with Mussap, made-to-measure insurance for your best friend.


Dogs: welcome! At 11Onze Segurs…


🐶 All breeds of dogs are accepted.

🔤 The animal must be microchipped.

📝 The person who takes out the insurance must have the dog’s ownership card.

Prices will vary depending on the type of dog and the coverage of the insurance. However, insurance is compulsory for everyone who has a dog, even if it is not of a dangerous breed.

Why trust 11Onze Segurs and Mussap?

  • Experience: Mussap is a Catalan mutual company founded in 1932.
  • Identity: everything in your language, from start to finish.
  • Easy: contract your insurance and make a claim online.
  • Price: as a member of 11Onze you will receive an additional discount.
  • Guarantee: you will always have an 11Onze agent available.



11Onze Segurs with Mussap



There are big multinational insurance companies. But there are also smaller, local ones that know the needs of the local customer. This is the case of Mussap, founded in 1932 in Barcelona as Mútua d’Accidents del Treball Agrícola.


Being mutual means that it is non-profit, that the mutualists are co-owners of Mussap, and that the profits are reinvested in the same entity. This is why 11Onze Segurs has chosen Mussap as an ideal partner for its community.

11Onze has achieved an additional discount for the community if you contract it through us.

Yes, it will be mandatory for all dogs, independent of race, with the approval of the relevant regulation. For the time being, it will only be necessary to have insurance for dogs and not for other animals.

Civil liability: damages that your pet may cause to third parties.

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