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Maximum efficiency at the best price

Everyone knows that time is money, but especially those of you who run a business. Companies need to manage their finances quickly, have absolute visibility over all activity, and save as much as possible. That’s why with 11Onze Business you can automate processes simply and effectively, receive or send money to 180 countries on the same day, or exchange currencies at the best price.


11Onze Business accounts with a UK IBAN are already here. What can you do?



  • Real-time visibility of your cash flow
  • Create subaccounts for projects
  • Include as many team members as you want. Assign them a management level to delegate tasks without losing control of all movements.
  • Real-time notifications of operations to your account.


  • Manage multiple payees and thousands of conversions and payments all at once.
  • The 11Onze Business platform is simple and intuitive. Saves time, money and reduces human error.
  • Ideal for recurring payroll and dividend payments.


  • Mutlicurrency account. You can have a subaccount for each currency.
  • Trade Forex at competitive prices.
  • Check the market exchange rate.
  • Execute currency exchange operations or schedule them.
  • Send money at a very competitive exchange rate with no hidden fees.
  • Payments available in 28 currencies in over 180 countries.

What else can I do with 11Onze Business?


Check Support for international standards for the movement of capital: including SEPA and a firm commitment to SWIFT gpi, to provide maximum transparency and speed for our customers.

Check Automated risk and fraud control: through transaction monitoring, AI and integration with specialised third-party engines.

Check Real-time visualisation: of payments opened by the company, as well as the time, risk, legality, value and cost of payments.


How much does it cost to have an 11Onze Business account?

A business account with 11Onze costs less than you save. Because you save money on transfers, payments and currency exchanges. We want to invite you to enjoy the features of the 11Onze Business account and that is why we offer you free access to the account for the first two months. After this time, the cost of the Monthly Subscription Plan is €12.50 per month.


What is included in the subscription plan?

  • 20 free transfers within the SEPA Zone.
    • The price of SEPA transfers is €0.45 per transfer.
  • The use of the Bulk Upload tool that allows you to execute bulk payments.
  • A multi-currency account that allows you to create accounts, store, receive and convert money in the currencies you use in your business. All at very competitive prices. With the monthly subscription plan, you can have 4 subaccounts, so you can store 4 currencies of your choice in the account.
    • The price for each subaccount with a currency other than the 4 included is €1 per month.
  • Access to the SWIFT gpi tool at no added cost, you will only pay for the cost of the SWIFT transfer.
    • The price of SWIFT transfers is €9* per SWIFT transfer.
      *High volume SWIFT payments may be subject to a discount on the transfer price.
  • Possibility to create subaccounts for optimal management of your treasury.


Terms of Use

Before opening an 11Onze Business account…

The only requirement is to be registered in Spain.

Therefore, businesses and freelancers from Catalan-speaking counties, 11Onze’s target public, will be able to benefit from the advantages of the 11Onze Business account.

How can 11Onze offer such a competitive business account? Because, to make it possible, our 11Onze Business services are offered by Currency Cloud Ltd, regulated in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

Currency Cloud Ltd is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the 2011 Electronic Money Regulations and Payment Services Regulations for the issue of electronic money and the provision of payment services, registration number FCA 900199.

Choice of IBANs, currency subaccounts, liquidity tools, smart software for company management… 

discover everything that’s coming to 11Onze Business here (link).



The 11Onze Business account that we have launched is currently in the beta phase. Our developers are working hard so that in the coming months we will have the final product available to you in Catalan and with additional functionalities. In the meantime, we invite you to try out the beta phase account completely free of charge.

Beta refers to the first version of a product or software. This is a test version that aims to detect possible improvements or bugs before it is released to the public. Therefore, it is possible that as a beta user, you may experience minor bugs or limited functionality.

We do not accept cash deposits into the Business account for security reasons as a Money Laundering Prevention measure in compliance with European Directive [EU] 2018/843 and Financial Action Task Force [FATF] recommendations.

We are confident that by the first quarter of 2023, 11Onze Business account customers will have an extensive range of cards available to suit their daily and business needs. In addition, customers will enjoy exclusive benefits with 11Onze Business cards.

In the beta phase we are currently in, it is not possible to pay your taxes through our platform. We are working to integrate a tax filing and payment platform so that you have all the functionalities your business needs.

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