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Grow your money faster than inflation with the Litigation Funding. Take part in the denunciations against the deceptions of the big banks. First country: United Kingdom. Win at the bank, get justice!


11Onze Recomana presents you with a very special product. Prevent your money from being devalued by inflation in your checking account. The Litigation Funding offers the possibility of increasing your capital by more than the average inflation increased by 27%.

Profit in banking: the UK case

UK banks have already paid more than €60 billion for bad practices with their customers. Under the precedent of UK cases confirmed at the UK High Court, lawsuits are being settled by banks with a success rate of more than 90%, but the law firms handling them need funds to move forward with litigation. For this reason, 11Onze recommends the Litigation Funding.

Fund lawsuits against banks. Do justice and get returns on your savings above inflation thanks to the compensation the banks will have to pay.


⬇️ How does it work?

Does banking always win? Not anymore!

Between 1990 and 2000 British banks sold 64 million Personal Protection Insurance (PPI) with improper practices.

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Customers have filed lawsuits over these fraudulent products.

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Get profits by doing justice

With the Litigation Funding you can help these people get their money back and you will also get inflation protection. Don’t miss the opportunity, pay the bank!

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Litigation Funding

Capital covered 100% by AM Best with Excellent qualification insurer.

If the financial claims are favourable, in addition to the capital you will receive the average inflation in Spain during that period increased by 27%.

It has been proven that British banks sold personal protection insurance irregularly.

It was a massive practice that has already been condemned. The law firm wins more than 90% of the claims.

The minimum capital is €25,000.

On that amount, the client bears an expense of 2.25% as management cost for the provider.

Therefore, the principal capital that is contributed to the Litigation Fund and on which the profits will be calculated, will be €24,437.5.

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The UK is where more and clearer cases have appeared, so far. If in the future there may be conditions for a similar litigation fund in Spain, 11Onze Recomana will assess it.

Between 1990 and 2010, 64 million policies were sold with improper practices such as the following:

  • Selling through high-pressure call centers with a commission-based sales force. 
  • Single premium added to the loan.
  • Clients were informed that the PPI policy was a required part of the loan.
  • Clients were not informed about the expiration of the insurance policy.
  • The adequacy of the policy was not disclosed.

As a result of this, many claims management companies were created and after demonstrating that these insurances were contracted with improper practices and abusive commissions, it was decreed that in order to claim this type of insurance a judicial procedure must be initiated through a law firm.

The law firm has been working on it for years, its success rate is over 90%. The provider will maintain the anonymity of the law firm.

To start with yes, but later on the intention is to work with more.

The insurance covers all the capital of unfavorable cases.

No. The capital is insured by the insurer.

Yes. You will receive monthly reports.

The provider will inform you of everything and offer you all the documentation.

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