11Onze Segurs in the international press

11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves in the international press

Litigation Funding in the international press

Litigation Funding in the international press

11Onze Escola at the international press

For tomorrow, in the international press

Marketingdirecto echoes 11Onze District

11Onze Business in the international press

The next generation of digital financial solutions

Petitet: "my father bought gold"

"Advertising is not an expense but an investment"

11Onze Segurs, featured in the British press

"La Rumba dels Calerons" and 11Onze on Rac1

11Onze Essentials makes headlines in the UK

11Onze's gold purchase, in the European press

11Onze leads the fintech model, the media reports

UK News Group reports on Preciosos 11Onze

Preciosos 11Onze in the international press

Mastercard: “We are delighted to support 11Onze”

Fintech & Finance News reports on 11Onze Check

‘Are fintech communities the future of banking?’

Marqeta: “Everything about 11Onze is remarkable”

"‘La Plaça’ Attracts Over 10,000 Members"

The British press talks about 11Onze and Vinari

"CISI certifies more than 50 agents" Funds Society

11Onze mentioned in the international press

“Banking is not transparent and it does not train”

PODCAST: “We want to empower citizens” Interview to Natàlia Cugueró


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"11Onze can get Catalonia out of the economic and national slum" Mercè Comas at Món Diari

11Onze MENTION in Fintech Futures, leading publication of the international Fintech community

Mention in the international press: "11Onze, the new digital community bank attracts private investors"

"11Onze Becomes the First Digital Community Bank in Catalonia" The Fintech Times.

11Onze in the main FINTECH publications internationally

What made you decide to become one of the founders and shareholders of 11Onze Bank?

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