Sustainable economy, what is it?

Economic well-being: beyond GDP

The power map: a $94 trillion world

The booming circular economy

Where does all the lottery money go?

The Federal Reserve’s role in the global economy

Is economic degrowth feasible?

The future of the New Silk Road

United States: world's largest oil producer

Can the "PIGS" lead the EU?

It is time to reindustrialise the European Union

Is inflation here to stay?

The return of the commie bogeyman

The price of gold sets a new all-time high

How international conflicts affect you

What would happen if the dollar lost its hegemony?

The US economy is at risk of stagflation

Why drought drives up inflation

Are we on the verge of a new world order?

Africa: kicking out Western colonialism

Nine historical disagreements Catalonia-Spain

Barcelona accounts for over 35% of the Catalan GDP

Europe's decline in the world

FedNow: a move towards the digital dollar?

The Icelandic example that Spain did not follow

Banking and Money Laundering: Miami Vice

The lucrative business of war

IMF: the financial arsonist

IMF: Spain will lead growth in the eurozone

Why sanctions against Russia have failed

The banking collapse will be announced on a Friday

Less product for the same price

Why the stock market falls when money rises

The price of food has risen 38% in 3 years

The State expects massive demand for gold coins

Books that x-ray the Catalan economy

Why a recession is good for your health

Litigation Funding: high returns & social justice

Banks increase investment in the defence industry

A hidden debt of 65 trillion dollars

The future currency of the BRICS

Foreign investment in Catalonia grows by 18%

Longevity economy and financial well-being

What is fractional-reserve banking?

Saving to buy time


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Record-high debt threatens the world economy

Leverage and financial crises

Catalans pay more taxes than ever

"CBDCs threaten fundamental freedoms"

How Spanish households are coping with inflation

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