The power map: a $94 trillion world

How much will I pay in 2022 to buy a home?

2022: the year of the big crisis


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  1. Joan CaparrósJoan Caparrós says:

    Totalment d’ acord James, cal formar-se financerament més q…

How to cope with rising prices?

Save money this holiday season? You can do it!

How will Omicron affect the economy?

Has the dollar's hegemony come to an end?

Algorithms now also play at being economists

11Onze Check: Banks complain - are they right?

Pasta Z: the podcast where Gen Z talks about money

How do young people pay for their purchases?

The 25 richest businessmen in the Països Catalans

Collaborative economy: sharing is living

Debit or credit card? It’s clear!

How to avoid impulsive shopping?

Cashpoints, on the verge of extinction

A short history of the credit card

The reality of the state budget

The banking revolution

The digital euro, the end of physical money?

Branches in decline, the new banking system

History of banking in Catalonia

The digital wave that will change banking

Can the Spanish government seize my savings?

Fintech, the future of banking is now


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    Tot un repte

Housing: solving young people's dilemma

Do we really live in a democracy?

Paying for death: the funeral business

Nine historical disagreements Catalonia-Spain

The heart of economics: how to move money around

All accounts in one place and more secure

How to achieve economic independence?

The freedom to choose your IBAN

‘Universal bank account’: how a utopia is born

All you need to know about new banking

Private-to-private lending

How do you pay for motorways?

De-dollarisation: a rising trend

Understanding the recent pension reforms

Farmers demand more regulation in order to survive

Back-to-school, how much does it cost?

Blue economy: the strategic sector of the future

Alongside: sustainable clothing saving the ocean

Marketplace, the shopping centre in your home

Bitcoin farms: the cryptocurrency mines

Ecology and economics: a sustainable goal

Catalan sayings about money

What to accept and not accept when renting a house

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