11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves: Someone has to do it!

We are rolling up our sleeves to build 50 Shelter Schools for 1,750 children affected by last February’s earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. 11Onze has a vocation of operational transformation, that’s why we are launching a new service: 11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves.


In journalism, we often talk about news waves. That is to say, for a while, a topic is trending, it is talked about everywhere. But little by little it fades away, and a new topic comes along and occupies the news window, repeating the process. Therefore, the news media is not interested in explaining what is happening in the world or in ranking the importance of the issues to be solved. They simply compete for clicks.

But this does not mean that the problems go away

On 6 February 2023, an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale devastated parts of Turkey and Syria. And when there is such a catastrophe, the media all over the world cover the story. Until the death and injury count is over. There is no more news when there are no more aftershocks and the casualty rates are no longer moving up. Therefore, there is no more news and the topic changes.

It’s time to roll up our sleeves

UNICEF put the number of children displaced by the earthquakes at 850,000. Children living in refugee camps, trying to regain some semblance of normality. 11Onze is rolling up its sleeves and will help them by providing Shelter Schools so that they can return to school as soon as possible. At 11Onze we know that education is the most powerful tool to create a future. It gives students the chance to recover lost routines, for a few hours, it will take their minds off from the drama they are immersed in, and it will give them hope and tools. Will you roll up your sleeves? Someone has to do it!

How will we do it? With Better Shelter!

We want to raise 100,000 euros to build 50 shelter classrooms, which will help 1,750 students. We are perfectly aware that we won’t solve 100% of the problem, but if we don’t start rolling up our sleeves, nothing will be solved.

For this reason, 11Onze has established a partnership with the Swedish Better Shelter Foundation, which builds shelters designed by the Ikea Foundation. They are sturdy Shelter Schools, built to last, which can be assembled in two hours and cost around 2,333 euros. From 11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves you can make a donation of any amount you wish. The money will be transferred in the aggregate to Better Shelter so that it can act on the ground. 11Onze will monitor the destination and impact of the contributions made by the people of La Plaça, regularly updating them on the progress.

If you can, give us a hand. 11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves. Because someone has to do it.

11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves is 11Onze’s service to help other people around the world.

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