We have collected the most frequently asked questions that many people have sent to us. It’s an honor to be able to answer these for you here.

About 11Onze

We are a Catalan fintech, made by current people and aimed at people and companies in Països Catalans.

We can operate as a financial entity. We are Fintech born in the heart of Catalonia, and we will have a European licence to operate in Catalonia and around the world.

You can be an investor. Send us your request to our mailbox [email protected] and we will provide you with the conditions to become an investor. Anyone can invest in 11Onze for a very affordable amount. Investing in 11Onze is investing in the Catalan community.

All the products that we have advertised on our website, HERE.

You will be able to do everything you normally do with your financial institution: make transfers, save, have your debit card… And very important with the support of your 11Onze agent and his equipment.

Yes, we can! Little by little we will be incorporating more products and services, and a business account is among the first.

We are a digital entity, we will have a physical presence, strategically in the Països Catalans. Although we are digital, we will give you an agile service, 24 hours a day, through our agents, our communication channels and the artificial intelligence of the 11Onze platform.

Yes, from Android and Apple.

Once you have the app installed, follow all the steps. It will be very easy. We will ask you for your personal information and once your identity has been verified, you will have access to 11Onze. The only prerequisite is that you are part of the community, which means, that you are registered in La Plaça.

El Canut is the name of the 11Onze app, it will become a wallet of wallets, which will allow you to carry all your savings with you and protect them.

How will it protect them? With diversification. Universal banking comes with the 11Onze super app. You will be able to have all your accounts, have them in several countries and it will not be necessary to have them only in euros.


About Peles

“Peles” are the virtual currency of the 11Onze community, these will become a future key element for the acquisition of certain goods and/or services offered on the platform. The amount of “Peles” you generated will be described in your virtual wallet.

Simple, by investing your time and effort on the 11Onze platform. Through our system, we will detect your activity and reward you according to this. Navigate and discover how you can accumulate these “Peles” either by viewing content on 11Onze TV or by acquiring new knowledge in the Learn section.

For now, you can only win them, but once we see that you have enough of them, you will be able to start exchanging them for products and/or services that we will offer you at 11Onze. We have several surprises ready, so keep updated!

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