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11Onze is the fintech community of Catalonia. Open an account by downloading the super app El Canut on Android and Apple and join the revolution!


Here you will find our current product status and upcoming products that will be soon available.

El Canut 1.0

The first version of El Canut, the future super financial application, currently includes the following products:

  • PSD2: European legislation that allows information on bank accounts, cards and products to be stored and managed centrally.
  • European IBAN: with Weavr, our first supplier, you will get an account with European IBAN in the SEPA area.
  • Virtual Card: you can create multiple virtual cards to make payments digitally.
  • Physical Card: until you receive your limited edition Mastercard, we will send you a temporary physical card (Mastercard).

Check the prices here.

Payments with Google Pay and Apple Pay

  • Now you can register your 11Onze cards in your smartphone to make payments at different establishments. Soon on Apple Pay.

11Onze Payments

  • 11OnzeCash: you can withdraw and deposit cash into your account through 11Onze’s retail partners using a simple barcode.
  • 11OnzePay: independent payment infrastructure. You can make payments to establishments or friends by scanning the 11Onze QR code.


To make your capital profitable at 11Onze, we will offer you the best products on the market for you to access:

  • ETFs: an ETF is a set of assets that is listed on the stock exchange. ETFs are vehicles that help you invest in a diversified and low cost way.
  • Stocks: we will give you access to the main stock markets to buy shares in your favourite companies.
  • Crypto: you can buy and sell the main cryptocurrencies on the market.

Bank Accounts

With 11Onze you can choose to obtain accounts in different regions of Europe.

IBAN Available soon:

  • BE (Belgium)
  • ES (Spain)
  • FR (France)
  • EE (Estonia)
  • DE (Germany)


  • At 11Onze you can invest your savings in exchange for an agreed return over time. A widely used tool by the most conservative investors.


  • Loans: we will give you the possibility to obtain loans at competitive interest and conditions.
  • Buy Now, Pay Later: we will allow you to postpone payments at a low-interest rate on purchases made in our future market.
  • Mortgages: we will help you get the best mortgages available on the market.

Rental opportunities

  • A further option to recover the costs of some day-to-day assets, based on long-term rental.


  • Crowdfunding: Give you the ability to invest in interesting projects.
  • P2P Lending: you can lend money to members of the 11Onze community to make a profit.

Cash management

We want to give you the best control tools to manage your personal finances.

  • Pockets.
  • Subscription management.
  • Economic objectives.
  • Personal cash management.

11Onze Personal Account Information

The 11Onze account for individuals is an electronic money account denominated in euros.

The 11Onze Account for individuals has an indefinite duration, the mere notification to 11Onze in writing or by reliable means of the willingness to terminate your relationship with us is sufficient. You must notify 11Onze at least one month in advance.

To close your account, you must settle all charges for contracted services, fees, commissions and/or maintenance.

To access the 11Onze account for individuals and start the registration process, you will need to have access to the Internet and download the El Canut App on your device. Accept the Terms and Conditions and legal documents that apply to your relationship with 11Onze, and start the registration process to create an account.

You can only have one 11Onze Personal Account per person.

This account does not allow co-holders.

Be over 18 years of age and have full capacity to act.

Present a legally valid identity document. The accepted documents are:

  • Spanish Identity Document (DNI) or Passport for those born in Spain, and one accepted proof of address.
  • Passport and two accepted proof of address, for foreign residents.

Owning a smartphone compatible with the mobile app; Android or iOS.

The accepted documents to present as your proof of address can be bills (electricity, water, etc.), a bank statement showing your current address, etc… These documents must not be older than three months.

Once you have successfully completed the identification process, you will be provided with an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) with 22 characters; a series of alphanumeric characters that identify a specific bank account in a financial institution anywhere in the world.

This account has a BG IBAN (Bulgaria) and it is the identifier which will execute payment orders and transfers sent and received.

About outgoing wire transfers; 11Onze will not be responsible or liable for non execution or defective execution in case you have entered the IBAN data and / or PAN number (in the case of cards) incorrectly.

To activate your account, we ask that you deposit a minimum amount of €20 into your account.

You can top up your 11Onze account in several ways:

  • By SEPA bank transfer between SEPA area accounts. These transfers can take up to three days to process.
  • By transfers between 11Onze accounts. This top-up method is instantaneous.

The options to deposit cash into your account or make a debit card payment are currently unavailable.

Spending Limits by card

  • Maximum ATM withdrawal per day – €1.000
  • Maximum ATM withdrawal per month – €20.000
  • Maximum amount spend per day – €1.000
  • Maximum amount spend per month – €20.000
  • Maximum amount spend per year – €40.000
  • Maximum number of transactions per day – 20

Transfers in / Account Loading Limits

  • Minimum initial load – €20
  • Maximum amount in account – €50.000
  • Maximum load limit per day – €14.999*
  • Maximum number of loads per day – 10
  • Maximum load per month (30 natural days) – €14.999*
    * Check the procedure to follow when the €14.999 transfer is exceeded HERE.

Top-up limits by card

  • Minimum amount of daily top-ups – €20
  • Maximum amount of daily top-ups – €200
  • Maximum amount of monthly top-ups – €500
  • Maximum number of deposits per day – 2

You can check your balance and see the movements of your account through the mobile App.

Overdrafts are not allowed using this account. It is your responsibility to ensure that the fees for contracted services, interest, commissions and / or maintenance are met on their due date.

In the event that the fees for contracted services, interest, commissions and / or maintenance have not been settled, you will be required to make a payment to the account as soon as possible.

11Onze reserves the right to deduct the relevant amount from your account, in accordance with the law, in order to offset any outstanding obligations or outstanding commissions that have not been settled by you at the appropriate time.

  • You will receive an alert from 11Onze, requiring you to make a deposit into your account.
  • After a two months period, if you have not contacted us, and we have not been able to charge the fees for contracted services, interest, commissions and / or maintenance, we will proceed to block the cards. The only transaction you will be able to make is a deposit into your account. At this point, you will still have access to the El Canut application and you will be able to see your account balance and your movements.
  • To reactivate your account activity, you must make a deposit in your account so that your account balance is positive, and you must notify us of this fact. The ways to submit your notification to 11Onze are: via our email [email protected] or by phone at the customer service number +930034974
  • Once your account balance is settled within the two months period, you will not be penalized or incur any additional fees or charges.
  • After the two months period, if 11Onze has not received any response from you, 11Onze may take legal actions to collect the debt, and we reserve the right to charge you the expenses we may incur to collect the debt.

Personalised customer service 24/7

We have more than 40 agents at your disposal. We want every interaction with us to be a pleasant, meaningful and value-added experience through all possible digital channels.

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