11Onze Recommends Bitvavo

If you want to start saving in cryptocurrencies, 11Onze recommends Bitvavo. Discover the leading exchange in the Netherlands: easy, intuitive and secure. Plus, as a member of 11Onze, the platform gives you €20 to explore the world of cryptocurrencies without any risk.

A cryptocurrency exchange in your hand

Buy, sell, add or withdraw money in any format. It can be fiat currencies like the euro or cryptocurrencies.

There are more than 190 different crypto assets!

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Security as a badge

Bitvavo is registered with the Dutch Central Bank and guarantees €100,000 per account and customer in case of unauthorised access.


Cold wallets against cybercrime

Bitvavo stores most of its customers’ funds in cold wallets, i.e. physical devices disconnected from the network, with secure and insured custodian partners. This is how they prevent cybercrime. Your money is yours!

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⬇️ How Bitvavo works

👇 Why does 11Onze Recommends Bitvavo?

  • 📲 Intuitive platform.
  • 👛 Allows you to store, buy, sell and withdraw more than 190 digital currencies.
  • 💰 Competitive and transparent fees.
  • 🔒 Security thanks to cold wallets and regulation by the Dutch Central Bank.

€20 trial for 11Onze members

11Onze Recommends Bitvavo

Cryptocurrencies: easily, securely and cheaply.

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A cryptocurrency exchange is a digital platform that allows users to buy, sell and trade different cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies such as the Euro.

Cryptocurrency exchanges provide users with an online interface where they can create accounts, deposit funds in the form of cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, and then use these funds to purchase other cryptocurrencies available on the platform. These transactions are generally done through buying or selling orders, and cryptocurrency prices are determined by market supply and demand.

Bitvavo, as stated on its website, applies several measures in order to guarantee the highest security standards. Not only through external audits and detailed analysis processes, but also by storing your funds in “Cold Wallets” in order to prevent further damage. Furthermore, for added peace of mind, it has a guarantee fund of up to 100K Euros with which it can cover investors’ funds in case of unauthorised access, something which no other exchange is offering today.

To get the €20 gift, you have to register on Bitvavo through the 11Onze Recommends link. Once you have done this, you will have to make a transfer of at least €10 within 14 days from the start of the registration. The bank account must allow you to include the concept of the transfer. The bank account from which you make the transfer will be linked to your user and no other user will be able to use it. Therefore, if you share a bank account with someone else, it can only be used trough one user.

Many things we explain in this article.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have been considered by some as a store of value thanks to certain aspects that characterise them. Still, it is important to note that cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile asset and are still at an early stage of development, which implies certain risks and a lack of stability compared to traditional fiat currencies. Some arguments in favour of considering cryptocurrencies as a store of value can be found in this article.

Cryptocurrencies have been considered an alternative use currency because of their ability to be used as an exchangeable asset in commercial transactions. Although they have not yet been widely adopted as a form of payment compared to traditional fiat currencies, more and more use cases have emerged where cryptocurrencies are accepted as a method of payment. You will find more information in this article.

Bitvavo is a Dutch exchange based in Amsterdam and has a focus on security and the simplicity of the user experience. First and foremost, it is a usability-focused exchange, offering trading of over 190 cryptocurrencies with some of the lowest fees in the trading industry. Bitvavo has developed powerful technology to help people explore the world of cryptocurrencies in a reliable and intuitive way. Bitvavo is approved by the Dutch Central Bank and European regulators, which gives investors confidence. In addition, it is focused on complying with all MiCa regulations, making it future-proof for investors.

Its vision is to focus on the European continent, localising the platform to make it easier for European residents to operate. It offers payment methods such as SEPA transfers without fees, via PayPal and Sofort, among others.

Bitvavo applies several measures to guarantee the highest level of security: external audits, detailed analysis processes, “Cold Wallets” and a guarantee fund of up to 100K Euro.

Bitvavo is compelled to register with De Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch Central Bank) because of the introduction of the fifth anti-money laundering directive which came into force on 21 May 2020. This registration obligation means that Bitvavo has to:

In addition, Bitvavo is a member of “Verenigde Bitcoin Bedrijven Nederland”, a self-regulatory body that imposes a code of conduct on its members to ensure compliance with good practices in the digital currency sector.

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