La Castanyada: celebrating the agricultural legacy

The digital euro, the end of physical money?

11Onze debuts in La Xarxa’s ‘Territori 17’

Carbon markets to reduce pollution

Branches in decline, the new banking system

What is going on with the world’s energy?

Virtual cards for secure purchases

Changing the world thanks to a cork stopper

Are you an entrepreneur? Some tips to get started

Do we really live in a democracy?

Housing: solving young people's dilemma

Are tourist rentals legal?

Diversify your savings as the crisis looms

Is the four-day working shift more productive?

The thousand and one functions of El Canut

"11Onze insures 100% of deposits"

Green bonds, an environmental investment

"11Onze touches our hearts"

Are guarantee funds sufficiently guaranteed?

How to verify El Canut

Add all your accounts to El Canut!

Planned obsolescence, a driver of consumerism?

"Not going through Madrid is fundamental"

A dignified old age after retirement

What are the advantages of a Bulgarian IBAN?

Everything and more on how to move within El Canut

The advantages of 11Onze, point by point

Getting an 11Onze card is easy!

Vinari Awards: looking to the sky and to Purgatori

El Canut is already in Apple!

11Onze, just what you need

Can we help you make a transfer?

You have installed El Canut, now what?


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11Onze sponsors the Vinari Awards 2021

Press celebrates the launch of El Canut

El Canut launch from inside

A fincom is much better than a fintech

El Canut, step by step

The Vinari Awards gala is here!

Download your super app El Canut by 11Onze

Automobile Barcelona boosts electrification

Paying for death: the funeral business

15-minute cities are now a reality

How to succeed with your virtual presentations?

We celebrate Financial Literacy Day

Living in the countryside, a lifelong privilege

La Plaça's search engine, an intelligent compass

1st October: we are here!


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Buil & Giné: bringing awareness to what we have