A dignified old age after retirement

In a country where pensions are hanging by a thread and economic crises come and go, who will decide our retirement? Can we plan for it, or will we depend on our children or relatives? 11Onze is echoing an initiative that aims to plan for a tailor-made retirement, with autonomy and quality of life.


The population between 50 and 60 years of age is moving towards old age with more unknowns than guarantees regarding their retirement and the conditions in which they will be able to spend their old age. Even so, a new project aims to provide a solution to this unease and ensure that everyone can live a dignified old age, with autonomy and peace of mind.

Xavier Resa and Pascual Flores have created an initiative based on the idea of cohousing. As Reza explains in the podcast, this project, which he had initially christened El Somni dels Faraons, consists of setting up rural areas in the process of depopulation to accommodate family units or people who want to spend their retirement in a peaceful environment, with all kinds of services, and above all with quality of life.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

It should be borne in mind that, currently, in Catalonia, the 50-60 age group is made up of more than one million people. If we add people up to the age of 80, the figure rises to more than two and a half million, according to figures from Idescat. In fact, Spain is one of the countries with the longest life expectancy.

And yet, the truth is that socially, there is rejection and unease when people think about the elderly. The main question for many is: what will happen when I reach old age? Will I be a burden on my children? Will I end up in a nursing home? The fear of loneliness and the fear that they will decide for you are some of the most frequent thoughts when imagining this stage of life.

For this reason, projects such as Resa y Flores, like other initiatives such as those of Sostre Cívic, favour, both financially and in terms of lifestyle, this group of people who will soon reach old age. And, at the same time, they benefit the nearly 200 villages in Catalonia that urgently need more population and a new boost to their economic activity. El Somni dels Faraons is a complex project, but, as Reza says, it has been thought out down to the smallest detail, with a clear objective: to seek the common good and ensure that everyone has access to a dignified old age.


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