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We comply with the most demanding SEG standards.

  • Total transparency with the costs of the services provided.
  • Single interest rate applied to any credit product.
  • Monthly subscription to premium services.
  • Universal Bank Account.


The 11Onze Club is a pioneering model of customer service centre.

  • Mobile with 24/7 access and combined AI and dedicated agent support.
  • Physical presence in each of the “7 capitals” of Catalonia and 4 centres outside the principality with an 11Onze club.
  • Self-credit service based on the user’s history and credit rating with the bank.


  • Online platform of financing knowledge.
  • Own social network with information and P2P (lending/crowdfunding) financing alternatives.
  • Accounting service for SMEs in the cloud, with tax settlements such as VAT and income.
  • Automatic and proactive service of bridge financing to mitigate the effects of negative cash flow.
  • Automatic assistance for the improvement of the family cash flow, including the proposal and management of utilities’ providers.

A model highly focused on the creation of savings and value for users.
Model of transparency that does not exist in the market.
Multiple financing alternatives.


  • Outside Spain under ECB jurisdiction.
  • Duplication of Basel III solvency criteria.
  • Military-grade encrypted communications for the security and privacy of transactions and exchanges with the bank.

In addition to funds and assets, users can use the vault service to store digital documents and assets with 11Onze.


Find out more, it costs nothing

For a project like the one we have designed, it is important to have a balance of shareholders comprising large capital, which is certainly necessary, and the hard-working people who are ultimately the bank’s raison d’être.

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