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El Canut

We are creating El Canut, the 11Onze super app. The new digital financial generation designed for people with the latest technologies.

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The first version of El Canut, the future super financial application, currently includes the following products:

  • PSD2
  • European IBAN
  • Virtual Card
  • Physical Card

We are creating the new generation of banking designed for people with the latest technologies.

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  • Real-time liquidity, supported with visualization and reporting tools.
  • Online access to reports and analytics of liquidity control structures.
  • Platform designed to ensure self-service use.
  • Integrable with other Cash Management software.
  • Control panels that will allow quick decision making.
  • Predicting scenarios and alerts will ensure optimal liquidity and provide for exposures and overdrafts.
  • Automation of accounts receivable and payable to guarantee and optimize cash flow.
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