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Creating an innovative company

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What are the main uses of cryptocurrencies?

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Does the Constitution explain what Spain is?

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Income tax collection falls by 34%

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Business success, sharing responsabilities

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Territori 17: Machine learning and ethics

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How to clean gold at home the easy way

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Preciosos 11Onze introduces Gold Seed!

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Geopolitics: who has the debt, has the power

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Ideas for a family holiday in Catalonia

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AI: Life-saving technology

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Accounts 📲

We are creating El Canut, the 11Onze super app. The new digital financial generation designed for people with the latest technologies.

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The first version of El Canut, the future super financial application, currently includes the following products:

  • PSD2
  • European IBAN
  • Virtual Card
  • Physical Card

Stop wasting time and money. 11Onze Business is the business account that helps you take your company to another level. Find out here.


  • Multicurrency account. 28 currencies available with payments in 180 countries.
  • Bulk payments tool.
  • United Kingdom (UK) IBAN.
  • Guaranteed money without limit.
  • Operate with Forex at the best price.
  • Create sub-accounts for your projects or workers, assigning levels of responsibility.
  • Live control of treasury.
  • SWIFT gpi to be able to know at all times where your money is in international transfers.
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