Creating an innovative company

No, not everything has been invented, but it is true that it seems increasingly difficult to come up with an innovative idea that can be turned into a profitable business. Sílvia Granado, 11Onze agent, details the advantages and disadvantages of creating innovative businesses.


Entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation are essential to developing new technologies and products that meet our needs. In the current economic context, where many businesses have to compete in an ever-changing globalised market, and where it has been proven that nothing lasts forever, the innovation that brings value to consumers is the key to survival.

Selling or producing a product that is already established in the market, as well as providing a service for which there is a lot of competition, often means tiny margins and unsustainable growth over time. However, getting ahead of the competition with disruptive business ideas is not easy, and carries certain risks that need to be taken into account.

As Granado explains, by creating innovative products “you can stay ahead of your competition and attract investors more easily“, but we must not forget that “new ideas take longer to come to light, and you have to work very hard”.

On the other hand, it is important to distinguish between an innovative company in which innovation is central to its raison d’être, and a company that innovates a product or service on an ad hoc basis according to the needs of the moment. But whatever the criteria behind a disruptive idea, “it is a source of pride to create a project from scratch, and to see how your competitors use you as an example“, says Granado.


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