Monthly Return

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Do you want your savings to generate a monthly income? 11Onze Recommends Monthly Return, a product that generates a profit of 22% in 2 years. Ideal for businesses and savers, from 100,000 euros.


If you’re fed up with your savings not generating enough income with traditional bank deposits, 11Onze Recommends Monthly Return, which pays you a monthly interest on your money. Thanks to a UK provider we can offer you a high return, low risk product, with the funds covered by insurance.


➡️ What are the conditions?

  • 💰 Minimum capital: €100,000
  • ⏰ Duration: 24 months
  • 💳 Remuneration: from the seventh month, i.e. 18 months
  • ✏️ Monthly return (from the seventh month): 1.25%
  • 📔 Cumulative yield over two years: 22.5%

Possibility of extension

There is the possibility to extend the Monthly Return on an annual basis. In the case of renewals the income would continue on a monthly basis from day one, increasing the accumulated earnings.


➡️ Third year

  • Monthly return: 1.25%.
  • Annual return: 15%.
  • Cumulative yield in 3 years: 37.5%.

➡️ Fourth year

  • Monthly return: 1.25%.
  • Annual return: 15%.
  • Cumulative yield in 4 years: 52.5%.

More profitable than a bank deposit?

The most profitable deposits in Spanish banks exceed 3%, but they are far from the figures of Monthly Return, which offers 22.5% in 2 years, 37.5% in 3 years and 52.5% in 4 years.

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What about security?

Traditional bank accounts are covered up to €100,000, as long as there is enough money in the Guarantee Fund of the country where you have the account. Monthly Return guarantees 100% of the contributed capital, regardless of the amount.

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Who is the provider?

Given the good reception of Litigation Funding, 11Onze Recommends has prepared this new product with the same provider.

What is Litigation Funding?

Earn monthly income for you or your company with the Monthly Return that 11Onze Recommends!

Monthly Return

Put your money to work and get a monthly income (from the 7th month).

In 2 years, your savings will have grown by 22.5%.

Banks continue to remunerate savings very poorly and inflation is depreciating them.

You have to find ways to get returns without risking them in a market that is too volatile.

The capital provided is used, as with Litigation Funding, to finance socially responsible litigation against the Administration or large banks.

Favourable cases are close to 95%.

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