Does the Constitution explain what Spain is?

The best advertising in our history

The industrialisation we achieved in a century

Books in Catalan about greed

Catalonia, land of associations

Education, the vaccine against disinformation

The current state of the extractive system


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  1. Oriol Garcia FarréOriol Garcia Farré says:

    Thank you, Carme! That’s a curious answer. We are still at L…

The establishment of feudalism

October 2017: what did the Catalan banks do?

Nine historical disagreements Catalonia-Spain

Europe's decline in the world

How to prepare for university admission tests

How have screens changed the way we play?

10 tips to prepare for civil service examinations

Six nations became independent in the 21st century

Wikipedia: spreading collective knowledge

We recommend five books for Sant Jordi

Geopolitics: from hegemony to multipolarity

Five books to teach finance to children

Books that x-ray the Catalan economy

When Sweden created central banks

The development of the extractive system

When the Church forbided banking interest

History of the dollar: from Hispanic empire to the USA

Refugee children's right to education

Gender pay equity, a pending task

The Vimes Index: being poor is more expensive

The incredible journey of gold

The rising power of the BRICS

From physical to virtual cards

Catalan sayings about money

The Catalan booktubers that will make you read

The thriving singles business

European failure in financial literacy

TikTok: don't miss these learning profiles!

The Three Wise Men, a true story

Is there an alternative to the extractive system?

The origins of the Sant Esteve festival

The Catalan youtubers you need to know about

11 gifts for a more sustainable Christmas

Where to change money when travelling?

Catalan instagramers you need to follow

Books to read at a consumerist Christmas


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    Fantàstica escola, gràcies!

You can also innovate with Christmas hampers

Brief history of the Vienna Philharmonic gold coin

Ten tips for organising Christmas shopping

The extraterrestrial origin of gold

The 11 best Twitch channels in Catalan


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  1. Oriol Garcia FarréOriol Garcia Farré says:

    Gràcies, Tetiana! Ens veiem per La Plaça.

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