The Catalan booktubers that will make you read

The pandemic has created new readers. Catalonia has stood out in Spain as the region where the increase has been most pronounced. Without going any further, during the confinement, 57% of book readers read at least once a week. Perhaps that is why booktubers, digital literary critics who are accumulating more and more followers, have emerged. At 11Onze we have compiled 14 profiles that are worth following.


The most successful Catalan booktubers have a niche of around 2,000 followers per profile. But we cannot forget those who have a more modest channel, such as Marta Cava, Els bookhunters, Traduint des de Calella, Lluctuber, Meyonbook, Laura Rubio and Llibres de Gont. All of them have become, in a short time, the great prescribers of the Catalan publishing world, which in recent years has been reactivated thanks to the opening of new bookshops and the birth of specialised publishers, especially in fantasy books, Catalan and foreign classics and essays. Below you will find some of the most popular profiles:

  1. Recomanacions de Llibres, by Marta Botet. Marta Botet, daughter of the President of the Catalan Parliament, Laura Borràs, is almost as passionate about books as her mother. Around the world of books, she makes compilations and explains how the publishing industry works. She also reviews the classics of Catalan literature.
  2. Bookdragon Di, a young fantasy. With more than 2,000 followers on its YouTube account, the channel reviews fantasy books and readings for young people. It features dozens of books, including classics of the genre, such as ‘Dune’, and by renowned authors such as Stephen King and Jo Nesbo.
  3. La prestatgeria, the bookshop at home. Books and heartbreak, intersectionality and feminism, readings and music, the women of famous writers, high school readings that are worthwhile… Instead of reading books, Marta devours them, and she does so with passion, humour and a critical eye. 
  4. La Mar de Llibres, sailing the literary ocean. When she entered her twenties, this other Marta decided to create her own channel, where she pours out all her reading obsessions. The world of books occupies her hours of videos: about translations, re-editions, books she has liked, books she has hated, reading lists to give as gifts… 
  5. Paraula de Mixa, editorial enthusiasm. With very well edited videos, Paraula de Mixa not only reviews books, but has also set up a variety of activities on her channel about the publishing world: from interviews with authors, to reading clubs or workshops to become a booktuber.
  6. Entrelletres, the commitment to Catalan readers. This young Andorran, Jan Arimany, is already known among booktubers for his publishing and his channel Trotalibros, where he reviews books in Spanish and accumulates a following of more than 25,000 followers. In the last couple of years, coinciding with the pandemic, he has also taken on the task of following books published in Catalan, and he talks about both classics and new releases.
  7. Llig-me, going beyond the screen. Irene Rodrigo had a book programme on Valencian public television and its success has led her to open her own channel. Recently, she has set up a virtual reading club for the network of public libraries in Catalonia, but she also reviews classics and new books.

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