The Catalan youtubers you need to know about

Commitment to the language has to be spread through all possible channels. And YouTube is a good example of this. There are a lot of Catalan youtubers who talk about comedy, language, young people, philosophy, cinema, new technologies and economics. At 11Onze we have seven profiles that you need to know.


Precisely, one of the ways to combat disinformation is to follow trusted profiles on social networks. More than 80 verification organisations have denounced this week that YouTube allows the uncontrolled dissemination of fake news and conspiracy theories and that the channel is a great disseminator of toxic content. We can assure you that the ones below are the opposite.

  1. Pol Gise, comedy in Catalan. Pol Gise has more than 26,000 followers on his YouTube channel in Catalan, where he posts comedy videos, where he reinterprets classic Catalan tales, where he has been publishing a series about Rafel and Jaume and where he still has time to break some taboos about language, culture and young people. We spoke to Pol Gise in 11Onze just a few months ago because of a thread of tweets that went viral, in which he claimed to be able to make a living as a youtuber in Catalan as well as he does in Spanish.
  2. Miss Tagless, building Gen Z. If you want to follow the misadventures of a Gen Z girl, you’ll like Miss Tagles. She relays her adventures in video games, destigmatises mental health disorders, talks about precariousness and youth, reviews her travels and sometimes even dares to make recipes. You’ll be entertained for a long time on this channel!
  3. Filosofia d’estar per casa, a bubble of thought. This group from Filosofia d’Estar per Casa explains the political theories of Machiavelli or Hannah Arendt, and also reviews the authors of cyberfeminism such as Judit Butler, as well as confronting philosophers such as Vattimo and Ronti. If you want to learn philosophy and have a good time, you’ll love this channel! And if you have a child who doesn’t know how to study the Greek classics, the videos they have posted can be a good pedagogical resource.
  4. Albert Lloreta, a window to the metaverse. Journalist Albert Lloreta is an expert on new technologies and how they are being affected by capitalist politics. In his channel he talks about the blogs where the extreme right and the negationists are spreading, censorship on the internet, hate speech on social networks… He never runs out of topics.
  5. La filòloga de guàrdia, to spread the Catalan language. If you have linguistic doubts, if you have ever disliked the Catalan translations of some books or films, if you feel a commitment to the language and want to know more, this is the channel for you. In a didactic and fun way, the philologist on duty teaches, and very well!
  6. Criticutres and fantastic cinema. If you are a fan of science fiction and fantasy films, you can find reviews galore on this channel. There are new releases, but also classics to discover on the content platforms. Good advice for unlimited entertainment.
  7. Pau Font Sancho, the future of work. If you are looking for resources on business, teamwork, how to prepare for a job interview, basic economics or professional training, this is the channel for you. There is advice to give and to sell and, moreover, the videos are very well done!

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