Catalan instagramers you need to follow

There are hundreds, and at 11Onze we have selected just fifteen of them. But we’ve tried to make sure they represent the whole range of interests of young people. On fashion, language, sports, feminism, new ways of having fun and culture. These Catalan influencers talk about all this and more. 


From the pioneer in doing business with Instagram, the famous Dulceida, to Paula Gonu or Carol Peña “Misshedwig” through Lola Vendetta or Patry Jordan. Most of the Catalan instagramers have a brilliant career in the world of communication, journalism or advertising. Instagram is the social network that brings them fame and a support for their other channels. But not all of them dare to broadcast their adventures only in Catalan. How do influencers commit to the language without renouncing a wider market? We take a look, from the most to the least followers!

  1. Laura Escanes, a mirror life. Laura Escanes has one of those perfect lives in which you would stay forever and ever. The young woman shows her trips in luxury hotels. Dancing, fashion, motherhood and healthy living, as well as following big brands and events. Even so, when she has published in Catalan, threats and insults have not been long in coming! For this reason, Escanes has had to claim on several occasions the Catalan language, which she uses whenever she wants.
  2. Juliana Canet, influencer of influencers. She is undoubtedly worth mentioning, because she has been one of the promoters of Instagram and streaming in Catalan right from the start. Without her, many young people from Generation Z would feel orphaned on social networks. With Clàudia Rius, Arnau Rius and Bru Esteve, she promoted the Canal Malaia, where they encouraged other young people to make content in Catalan. Juliana Canet is a reference point.
  3. Zinteta, drawings for diversity. This young woman from Torrelles de Llobregat, who grew up among fields, vegetable gardens and a family home, shows her virtues in the world of fine arts and politicizes her discomfort with illustrations that explore the vulnerability of bodies. He has made art out of the need to vindicate himself from the periphery.
  4. Marta Mas, a special creator. The case of @martacorne is a bit special. Many people know her from her profile @leentrelineas, where she publishes her photographs in Spanish. However, on her personal account, where she has more than 17,000 followers, she prefers to share her adventures in Catalan. She believes that, in this way, she helps to spread and promote Catalan culture around the world, especially in South America, where she has many followers.
  5. Queralt Guinart, a lesbian in Buñol TV. Queralt Guinart, like Zinteta, has made a banner for the rural periphery and has also found in Instagram the ideal space for her fight for lesbian visibility. She has also launched the channel ‘Bunyol TV’, a TV channel that she defines as “radically decentralised, improvised and lesbian.” 
  6. Laia Argelaguet, the Catalan ‘it girl’. Laia Argelaguet, like Mariona Batalla (@linoleum_), Natàlia Moller, Ofèlia Carbonell or Laura Grau have made a name for themselves thanks to Canal Malaia and have become our Catalan ‘it girl’. They teach us to live femininity and sexuality without fear.
  7. La Queency, rapper and committed. With this Catalan rapper, Francina Gorina, better known by her nickname, “La Queency”, not only will you get to know a lot of urban music groups and singers in Catalan, but you can also get up to date with the social struggles of Catalan youth. This sociologist by training, who founded the independent record label El Pecado, made her name with the song “Urkinaona”, and since then her followers have grown steadily.
  8. Daily Catalan, Catalan culture in the networks. Júlia loves Catalan language, culture and gastronomy. If you have any linguistic doubts, she’ll answer them. If you want to know where popular sayings come from, she explains their origin. If you want to find out how to translate an expression or how to mess with your English friends, she gives you all the clues. Daily Catalan internationalises Catalonia with a lot of fun.

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