Which savings option suits you best?

Fixed-term deposits, Treasury bills and mutual funds are the three main options chosen by households seeking to increase the returns on their savings to fight inflation. Even so, which alternatives offer better returns?


Despite the low remuneration for savings still offered by large banks, according to data published in December by the Bank of Spain, households have moved more than 50,000 million euros to fixed-term deposits since the beginning of 2023, for a cumulative total of more than 115,000 million euros in these products at the end of November.

The Spanish banking sector has shown itself to be one of the slowest in the European Union to reflect the European Central Bank’s interest rate hike with a better return on savings. The Spanish average of 2.45% remuneration on deposits of up to one year is still well below the 3.27% of the eurozone.

While Spanish banks suffered the worst flight of bank deposits in Europe during the first two quarters of the year, the public increased its investment in the Treasury to more than 28 billion euros in 2023, an unprecedented record. The high yield offered by short-term public debt has reached 4% (3.7% in the last auction) compared to the 2.45% average traditional banks offer for deposits.

On the other hand, households have also sought to make the most of their savings through guaranteed fixed-income investment funds, which promise investors, as of the maturity date, the recovery of the initial capital and also a predetermined fixed return. The low risk associated with these funds often comes with a low return, but in the current context, they can still be a good alternative to the fixed-term deposits offered by banks.

The savings options that 11Onze Recommends

Saving with 11Onze is always based on one maxim: they must be safe propositions. That is why we have decidedly opted for gold, because of its historic role as a store of value. With Preciosos 11Onze you can buy gold bars from £3,000 or Vienna Philharmonic gold coins from £225. We offer gold bullion in two formats that have counteracted the effect of inflation over the past two years: Gold Patrimony and Gold Seed.

A Guaranteed Fund with full security and an accrued interest of between 2.5% and 165%. The capital and returns are 100% insured by one of the world’s leading insurers. Therefore, you avoid market fluctuations and know for certain that you will get up to 35% interest on your money in 10 years.

If you want your savings to generate monthly income, 11Onze Recommends Monthly Return, a product that yields 22% in 2 years. It is a high-return, low-risk product, with the funds covered by insurance.

Social justice does not have to be at odds with generating returns on your savings. Thanks to Litigation Funding, you can help others who have been deceived by banks or the government, while earning returns of between 9% and 11% on your money.


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