Gold seed

A harvest of golden ears

To have a harvest, you must first sow. At 11Onze we offer a new product, Gold Seed. The idea is quite simple: we put in place grouped purchases of physical gold with the aim of selling it for a profit. For 12 months, your gold will be sold at the best times of the market to make a profit. And at the end of the year, we will see how the harvest has gone!

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✨ Gold farmers

Preciosos 11Onze has been working for more than a year with an expert trader specialising in the sale and purchase of precious metals. The gold is of a minimum purity of 999.99 and, when you buy it, you will be the owner, but you will never have it in your hands. For the duration of the contract (1 year) the 11Onze trader will be authorised to buy and sell this precious metal at the best time to take advantage of the market price in order to achieve a capital gain.

During the contracted period, there will be quarterly reports to see the evolution of the Gold Seed. The minimum investment is €4,000, and the amount plus possible profits are settled at the end of the 12 months of the contract.


✅ Step consolidations

The aim of the sales and purchases is to achieve staggered consolidations of 2%. In other words, when it is possible to sell for more than 2% of the initial amount, it will be sold and this percentage will be consolidated as a gain. Anything in excess of these 2% tranches will be used for another sale and purchase to continue to grow the Gold Seed.


⬇️ How do staggered consolidations work?

🌱 But does it grow or not?

Bearing in mind that past profits do not guarantee future profits, we show you a table with the performance of Seed Gold in the last few years.

Now is the time, savers!

Take advantage of the good performance of gold in periods of instability and make your savings grow.

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Yes, we would only have to manage the sale of the gold, whether the client has it in custody at home or at the security company. Once the gold has been sold, the money obtained would be paid into the client’s account and the new contract would be part of the Gold Seed product.

Buying bullion is a long-term safe-haven asset due to the upward trend of the metal. If the objective is to obtain a short-term return, the Gold Seed product could cover this need.

It will not be possible to get it back before the end of the year.

Because 11Onze has found this provider, and we have ensured that it is an expert in offering this product with good results, and we want to involve the community so that they can benefit from it. It is easier to do this through us because we already have a relationship of trust with them, which allows us to protect our customers and facilitate the management of this product.

In addition, contracting this product with 11Onze allows the client to benefit from the 2% staggered consolidations, which normally, in the market, are usually 5%.

No, 11Onze does not apply any fee.

Once the contract has expired, the investor will receive the settlement (amount invested + capital gain, if any). If he/she wants to contract the same service again, he/she will only have to start a new contract in the product that is being prepared at that moment.

No, the capital is not guaranteed. However, the trading company has never made a loss with this product, as shown by its historical figures.

The precious metal will remain in deposit and will be kept in the premises of the trading company [Level IV], in compliance with the duty of protection and conservation of the fact deposited.

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