The incredible journey of gold

The World Gold Council produces a documentary in which the actor Idris Elba tours some key scenarios in the world of gold. South Africa, California, Ghana, Congo, London, Canada, and New Zealand are some settings for gold’s incredible journey across the planet and through history.


What role did Nelson Mandela have in the South African mining industry? How did gold contribute to ending apartheid? How many bars are held in the Bank of England and why? How long does it take for the elevator at the “La Ronde mine” in Canada to descend the more than 3 kilometres it must fall to the gold extraction galleries?

In this extraordinary documentary, Idris Elba (known for series such as The Wire or Luther) puts himself at the service of the World Gold Council to discover the history of gold and its relationship with humans. Multiple aspects are analysed: from the importance of gold for power to its use in beauty or current technology. Gold is omnipresent in the history of humanity, we attribute value to it and use it for a lot of things in our daily lives.

Gold: a journey can be viewed openly and with subtitles on the World Gold Council’s YouTube channel. We will find excellent photography and exciting moments such as when Elba, of Ghanaian origin, is received by the king of Ghana in the middle of a reception where gold is the absolute protagonist.

The importance of gold

The documentary also delves into the applications of gold in the progress of humanity. Gold nanoparticles are present in reagent tests to detect many diseases, including Covid. But they are also key to the circuits of all the technological devices we use, and will be essential for quantum computers. Gold has been, is and will be, therefore, an essential material for the industry.

But it also has collateral effects on the economic development of the population. Levi-Strauss owes his entire business to the California gold rush, which also caused the birth of San Francisco. And the same thing happened in Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa, created thanks to gold mining. Currently, in other areas of Africa, it is key to combat malaria and generating energy.

Gold: a journey is a very good way to open your eyes to the king metal. Having physical gold is not just a way to get rich or protect savings, as we do at Preciosos 11Onze. It is being part of a story that unites all of humanity throughout time, and this does not happen very often. Few things achieve such absolute consensus. There is no doubt about the value of gold. We are not only talking about the financial value, but also about the emotional, historical and industrial value of that metal that came from space to change life on Earth.

If you want to discover the best option to protect your savings, enter Preciosos 11Onze. We will help you buy at the best price the safe-haven asset par excellence: physical gold.

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