You can now insure your vehicle with 11Onze Segurs

After the good reception of 11Onze Segurs home insurance, our community asked us to offer a new product to insure their vehicles. We got down to work, and now we can present the zero-mile insurance.


The team responsible for 11Onze Segurs is always analysing the various options offered by the insurance market to find products that meet the level of quality, service and transparency that we demand of ourselves and that are aligned with the values of 11Onze.

With our home insurance proposal, we demonstrated that it was possible to offer a good product at a good price and in a socially responsible way. Now, at 11Onze Segurs we also make it easy for you to take out the best insurance for your vehicle.

Zero-mile insurance

To offer great customer service, in our own language and from here, to meet the needs of customers in the Països Catalans. That is why 11Onze Segurs has reached an agreement with the Catalan mutual company Mussap. Born in 1932 in Barcelona as Mútua d’Accidents del Treball Agrícola and 90 years later still offering a quality service with a physical presence in the Catalan territory.

A direct benefit for the 11Onze community

Unlike other entities, a mutual insurance company such as Mussap is not for profit, the mutual members are co-owners and the profits are reinvested in the same entity to improve the services and the contributions of its members. In addition, 11Onze has obtained an additional 5% discount for the community if you take it out through 11Onze Segurs.

The most complete insurance policies

We offer you three types of third-party insurance (third-party, third-party with windscreen cover and extended third-party), but unlike other insurers, we include medical assistance, appeals against fines and travel assistance from the most basic option. If you are interested in Comprehensive insurance, let us know and an 11Onze Segurs agent will contact you.

11Onze customer service is always by your side

Although we provide an insurance simulator so that you can simply and swiftly obtain a quote by yourself, 11Onze agents are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions or resolve any doubts you may have. Also, you still have the option of having an agent do the simulation for you.


If you want to discover the best insurance for your vehicle, go to 11Onze Segurs, insurances with 11Onze values.

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