Zero-mile insurance for your vehicles

11Onze Segurs

At 11Onze Segurs we like to make it easy for you. That’s why we have reached an agreement with the Catalan mutual insurance company Mussap so that you can take out the best insurance for your vehicles. What’s so special about it?


  • ✅ Experience: Mussap is a Catalan mutual insurance company founded in 1932.
  • 🗣️ Identity: everything in your language, from start to finish.
  • 🚀 Easy: digital contracting and declaration of claims.
  • 💰 Price: as a member of 11Onze you will receive an additional 5% discount.
  • 🤵 Guarantee: you will always have an 11Onze agent available.
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🚗 What insurance do you require?

All vehicles can be insured!

A comprehensive basic insurance policy.

Includes damage caused to third parties, medical assistance, appeals against fines and travel assistance.

A cracked windscreen? Get it changed!

The most comprehensive third party insurance.

It includes windows, theft and fire.

Contact our agents and ask about our fully comprehensive cover.

💥 Fully comprehensive

If you would like information about our fully comprehensive insurance, let us know and an 11Onze Segurs agent will contact you.

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Insurance from here, right now!

Thanks to the 11Onze Segurs – Mussap simulator you can consult and contract your third party insurance, third party insurance with windscreen cover or extended third party insurance. Try it!

Try it! ⬇️

Test the simulator

➡️ 11Onze Segurs with Mussap


📍 Origins

There are giant, multinational insurance companies. But there are also smaller, local ones that know the needs of the local client. This is the case of Mussap, born in 1932 in Barcelona as Mútua d’Accidents del Treball Agrícola.

👍 Mutual

The fact that it is a mutual insurance company means that it is non-profit, that the members are co-owners of Mussap and that the profits are reinvested in the same company. This is why 11Onze Segurs has chosen Mussap as the ideal partner for its community.


11Onze has obtained an additional 5% discount for the community if you take it out through us.

You can insure all vehicles: car, minivan, SUV, van, lorry, moped or motorbike.

You can always take out a policy with us, but if your previous insurance has not expired, there will be two policies in force.

No, the client must always manage the cancellation of the old policy one month in advance for it to become effective.

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