Have you tried the 11Onze Segurs simulator?

At 11Onze Segurs we have launched a new model of socially fair insurance. And from now on, you can use our simulator to get a home insurance policy adapted to your needs and at the best price. Here’s how to do it!


Calculating the price of your home insurance with our simulator is very easy. We will ask you for some information about your home: such as an address, type of home, square metres, if you have an alarm… And depending on this information, in just 3 minutes we will show you the monthly quote of a home insurance policy adapted to your needs. You will discover that 11Onze Segurs’ prices are very competitive, especially in urban areas.

In the simulator, you will see a list of all the covered amounts, which can be extended, in the basic covers. Even so, if you have valuable belongings with an individual value of more than €2,000 (coverage limit of the basic policy), you can add them to your policy for full coverage.


Additional cover

We will also show you various options for extending your insurance cover to suit your individual needs. For example, you can add other people who live with you but are not immediate family.

If you want to go on holiday with peace of mind, you can add legal costs in the event of a squat in your home. Or cover for theft outside the home, which even covers you if you are mugged in the street, within the whole of the European Union.

We also offer you the option of being protected against any accident. With an excess of only 90 euros per claim, you will have total protection for accidental damage to the building and contents of your home.

Although the simulation process is designed so that you can obtain a quote yourself, in a simple and quick way, 11Onze agents are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions or resolve any doubts you may have. In addition, if you wish to, you still have the option of having an agent do the simulation for you.


If you want to discover fair insurance for your home and for society, check 11Onze Segurs.

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