How much do you save with 11Onze Segurs?

One of the founding objectives of 11Onze is to offer tools so that our community can reduce costs by managing their money more effectively. Some might think that this is just a marketing slogan, a nice phrase that sounds good and that’s it. Therefore, we have contacted some of our 11Onze Segurs customers to let their testimonials speak for themselves.


Offering a good product at a reasonable price is not an easy job. At 11Onze Segurs we analysed the different options provided by the home insurance market for months, as well as carrying out studies of insurance costs through surveys of members of our community who are homeowners.

The objective was clear: to be able to offer our clients the best home insurance, comparing coverage from various providers to find the best option that adapted to the particular circumstances of each one, and at a more than competitive price, from €5 per month.

But the price is not everything. From the outset, it was clear to us that we had to reduce the amount of paperwork and small print that accompanies any insurance policy. Simplicity and transparency in the scope of the cover we are taking out give us more peace of mind and avoid last-minute surprises.

“Very happy with the decision to change insurance. I’m saving €55 on my premium, which will help me cover other expenses, as everything is getting more expensive!”

The result of a job well done

The effort has been worth it, and we believe we have succeeded. At 11Onze Segurs you can take out and manage your home insurance from your mobile phone, streamlining procedures, paying a monthly or annual fee, with no permanence, between 15% and 20% cheaper than with traditional insurance companies, and without forgetting our commitment to society as a certified B Corp company.

“I save €350 a year, which I will reinvest in 11Onze!”

But it is not just us telling you, Vincenç Aguilà, from Sabadell, explains that he was clearly overpaying for his home insurance. By switching to 11Onze Segurs he saves €350 a year. And when we asked him what he intended to do with the money he saved: “Reinvest it in 11Onze!


“With the €100 I’ve saved I’ve bought a new Bluetooth speaker!”

From Roquetes, Gemma Monllau explains that she is “delighted with the decision to change insurance”, she has saved €55 in the policy fee, which will help her to cover “other expenses, as everything is getting more expensive!“. Xavier Tornos, from Terrassa, had no doubts, with the €100 he has saved by switching to 11Onze Segurs, he has bought “a new Bluetooth speaker!


If you want to discover fair insurance for your home and for society, check 11Onze Segurs.

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  1. alicia Coiduras Charlesalicia Coiduras Charles says:

    Estic d’acord amb l’assegurança de la llar,bon servei I un estalvi per tot just 30 euros més del que pagaba,d’una ara en tinc 2
    Un gran encert

    • Jordi CollJordi Coll says:

      Segur que sí, Alícia, i celebrem que estiguis contenta amb les teves assegurances i que ho hagis trobat un encert. Moltes gràcies pel teu comentari.

      7 months ago
  2. Manuel Bullich BuenoManuel Bullich Bueno says:
  3. Jordi MorenoJordi Moreno says:

    Bon estalvi!👏👏👏

  4. Joan Santacruz CarlúsJoan Santacruz Carlús says:

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