Holiday ideas for singles

The term “single” refers to all single, separated, divorced or widowed people, regardless of whether they have children or not, who live alone and do not have a partner. 


This article does not pretend to be exhaustive; we just want to offer different options, traditional or innovative, that can serve all those single people who have to plan their holidays this year.


Holidays with children

There are plenty of holiday offers for singles with children to choose from: camping, holiday camps, trips -more or less organised, more or less conventional, closer or more exotic-, unorganised stays in rural accommodation, campsites, hotels… The list is endless.

Given that with children it is very easy for them to be the only ones who end up enjoying their holidays, holiday camp-type solutions are always a good resource and in our house we know a lot about this.

There are educational leisure activities, such as Eix Estels, with relaxation and fitness activities, such as yoga, zip line, elliptical bikes, strong by fitness, acrobatic park on the trees, aqua gym, via ferrata, mindfulness, zumba, archery, climbing wall…

If what keeps us awake at night is taking care of our diet, we can opt for Fundesplai, with menus based on the Mediterranean diet, healthy cuisine and types of diets that take into account allergies and intolerances. They also offer activities for children, such as orienteering races, Olympics, “little scientists”, aquatic gymkhana… Activities for mothers and fathers, for example, aqua gym, natur-yoga, wine and sausage tasting, cultural visits … And joint activities such as adventure park, archery, climbing wall, vegetarian cooking workshop, paddle-surfing, kayaking …

We can also find some that promote self-knowledge, creativity and emotional balance, such as Lleuredosmil. As for activities, we can enjoy the so-called “family wellness activities”, which would be family yoga, forest baths (shinrin yoku), mindfulness as a family, workshops in nature, laughter therapy, etc.

Beyond the option of holiday camps, we can find companies specialising in trips and leisure activities exclusively for single-parent families, such as Op & Kids, which also operate beyond our country and which promote and encourage traditional, cultural and natural activities.

There are also specialised travel agencies, or others that have already incorporated the single-parent modality into their portfolio of services.

Singles’ holidays without children

If we are single and without children, or if we are on holiday and the children stay with someone else, we find ourselves in a much less restrictive situation, which offers an even wider range of alternatives.

If we are in favour of not resorting to anything organised, we can always create our own singles group and plan activities of all kinds, where the only limit will be our imagination.

Here we could consider trips with a high content of adventure, where we only have to establish one or more destinations -or a specific itinerary-, dates, and a luggage and expenses plan, while the rest can be left to the adventure.

It is even necessary not to rule out the brave option of setting off on a solo trip, more or less planned, along itineraries or places we have not yet explored, where, in addition to discovering unknown places, we will surely end up meeting more people than we thought we would, because, often, what makes a difference is usually a mere question of having the right attitude.

If these alternatives make us feel a bit lazy, on the Internet we can find many singles groups dedicated to all kinds of activities: cultural, sporting, leisure, etc.

For example, we can find cultural and nature trips at the Centre Europeu de Barcelona, a cultural centre specialising in trips for singles and committed to sustainable tourism.

 We should not forget the more traditional organised options, which offer everything from conventional trips to cruises and all kinds of routes.


If it doesn’t matter, then… Let’s be original!

In this section, we propose ideas for singles holidays that can be taken with or without children.

The option of travelling in a caravan or motorhome gives you a lot of freedom, autonomy and flexibility, and you can choose to do it in the company of whomever you want. On the other hand, it is important to be aware of all the logistical and legal details: supply, routes, time availability, weather, camping or parking facilities and requirements, etc.

Hiking or mountain biking are also popular options these days. In addition to the obligatory requirement of being in a good physical shape, this alternative requires careful initial planning of logistics and catering, taking for granted that the trips, even the shortest, involve a few days outdoors and, usually, in sparsely populated or unpopulated areas.

Another interesting option is the so-called nautical charter, which is the activity of renting pleasure boats, with or without a skipper. This alternative allows you to enjoy marine landscapes that are only accessible from the sea, to learn a little about navigation and on-board tasks, and to enjoy a peace and silence that you will hardly find anywhere else. If you are lucky, you will also be able to see cetaceans and swim in waters where perhaps no one has ever been before. It is best to choose a sailing boat; this way, we do not pollute the marine ecosystem, and we also save noise pollution to our ears.

The yacht charter sector is in full evolution, especially in terms of marketing through the Internet. There are companies using tools such as 360° recordings and chatbots, among other innovations.

Whichever option we finally opt for, our recommendation is that it should be people-friendly and environmentally sustainable. And we must not forget possible restrictions and COVID-19 risks depending on the areas and countries of our itinerary.


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