How to protect your home during the holidays

Summer is coming and many people are already starting to plan their holidays to be able to disconnect from the routine by taking a trip or moving away from their usual residence for a few days. Even so, before leaving the house alone, we need to take into account some important aspects to avoid surprises on our return.


The return to normality after the sanitary crisis was a source of joy for many citizens who could finally enjoy their summer holidays without restrictions, but it also cheered up people prone to kleptomania, whose usual line of ‘business’ had been disrupted by the virus.

Theft claims at the height of the pandemic were down 23.5% in 2019, but over the past two years we have been approaching the figures prior to the movement restrictions. During holiday periods and weekends, home burglaries tend to increase and, according to a study by Unespa, Catalonia, with 58%, is the autonomous community with the highest probability of suffering a home burglary.

We would therefore like to give you some simple tips that you can follow to avoid burglary in your home while you are away on holiday or, at least, to alleviate the possible consequences.


Basic precautions before leaving

  • Do not leave valuables in easily accessible places. If you do not have a safe, it is preferable to take them to a specialised company to store them before hiding them in a corner of the house. If this is not possible, write down the serial number, make and model of the objects to facilitate their identification in case of theft.
  • Notify a trusted person of your absence to collect the mail or raise and lower blinds on a regular basis, but avoid telling everyone in the neighbourhood or posting it on social media.
  • Make sure you close doors, windows, openings in interior courtyards and the garage. Don’t forget to set the alarm. Even so, try to make the house look occupied with the help of a trusted person who can enter from time to time or with a home automation system that allows you to programme the lights on and off in the house.
  • Don’t leave a message on your mobile or landline answering machine that you are out. You can always activate call forwarding or reply to messages when you have access to Wi-Fi if you are outside Europe and don’t want to spend money on calls.
  • A home insurance policy with theft cover is a highly recommended option. Bear in mind that it also protects you against unforeseen events, such as a water leak, and can provide cover in the event of squatting or theft from people outside the home.

On your return, in the event of theft

  • Do not hesitate to call the police or the 112 emergency telephone number immediately if you hear noises inside your home or find doors or windows forced open.
  • Contact your insurance company and have the inventory of stolen objects ready.
  • File a report and notify your bank if you suspect that a computer or any other digital device that could contain relevant information about your financial data has been taken, so that they can override your online banking passwords.

If you want to discover fair insurance for your home and for society, check 11Onze Segurs.

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