Territori 17: the rise of PV self-consumption

The rise in electricity prices has triggered interest in photovoltaic self-consumption, which has been proven to be the best option to avoid high energy costs. In this episode of La Plaça, we discuss the increase in demand for solar panels with Raúl Rodríguez, Managing Director of the Federation of Installers’ Guilds of Catalonia (FEGICAT).


The growing trend of individuals and businesses generating their own electricity using solar panels has led to a doubling of installed capacity in the last 12 months. This increase in demand has been driven mainly by two factors: on the one hand, the falling costs of photovoltaic technologies and, on the other hand, inflation, which has particularly affected energy prices.

The high interest in installing solar panels, reducing reliance on the traditional electricity supply system, has meant that businesses in the sector are unable to cope with the increased demand. The lack of qualified personnel aggravates the situation, as Rodríguez explains, “the sector is in a position to incorporate, immediately, 18,000 workers”.

Matching supply with labour demand

The challenge of the energy transition and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, as requested by the European Union, means that in Catalonia “we will need 170,000 workers in the sector”, Rodríguez points out, and continues, “we are talking about minimum salaries of 1,500 euros per month in 14 payments and with an impressive future projection”.

“This is a competitive opportunity for the country, as long as we know how to take advantage of it”, the Managing Director of FEGICAT warns of the need to balance the market with qualified labour, promoting the training of new professionals. An opportunity for the country in which the public administration has to play a fundamental role, in avoiding red tape, promoting training and increasing tax incentives.


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