What kind of saver are you?

Are you an individual saver or an institutional investor? Do you think about adding value to your savings in the long term or obtaining returns in the short term? Are you conservative, moderate or aggressive? At 11Onze we take a look at the different profiles of savers. Which one do you fit into?


In the financial markets, there are all kinds of people. We have already explained this at La Plaça: when we manage our money, there is a very strong emotional component, but there are also motivations, objectives and challenges that spur us on. It is important that we know what our attitude towards money responds to if we want to have good financial health and, of course, if we want to learn how to manage our savings in the most appropriate way.


Do you work for yourself or for others?

  • The born saver. This is a natural or legal person who trades for his or her own account, i.e. to move a particular investment, often to make a return on savings.
  • The institutional investor. They usually act for the capital of many investors, such as investment funds, pension funds or insurance companies. This institutional investor tends to have a lot of influence, because they do work for many shareholders at the same time.

Long horizons or immediate goals?

  • The strategist. The saver who sets long-term strategies is the one who has a horizon in which he foresees giving value to a company or portfolio. For this reason, this profile tends to look for market niches that they know well, where they feel secure.
  • The instinctive. On the other hand, the more financial profile aims to generate profitability in the short and medium term and, for this reason, is committed to initial investments. They do not usually intervene directly in the companies in which they invest, nor do they know them particularly well.

Conservative, moderate or aggressive?

  • Conservatives save. Conservative savers tend to take decisions that are very low risk, in assets where the income is fixed, such as government bonds and equity assets with a lot of strength, such as gold.
  • Moderate investors are neither black nor white. The moderate investor, on the other hand, seeks risk rather than stability, and therefore tends to combine fixed income assets and other more volatile assets. 
  • The aggressive, risk-loving investor. Finally, we find the aggressive investor, who does not think so much about increasing savings, but is motivated by risk. Their investments are very volatile, with a diversified portfolio, in order to maximise returns. This profile tends to have a lot of experience in financial markets.

How you move money, explain who you are

  • The philanthropist of friends and family. What we invest our savings in also explains who we are. There are, for example, those who only think about investing, not so much to save, but out of confidence in a project that is close to them, friends or family. 
  • The angels who give. There are also the so-called ‘business angels’, who decide that, with their money, they want to invest in a sector they know a lot about and in which they firmly believe. 
  • The asset manager. In the market we also find all those investors who work for large family estates, whether for a single family or for many.
  • The adventurer. There are also all those investors, often aggressive, who have decided to enter directly into the shareholding of companies, either looking for a bit of adventure, because they are leading ‘startups’ that can turn out to be a good business in a short time or for more consolidated private capital.
  • The sustainable investor. And finally, there is the saver who has decided, out of ecological awareness, not to give up the financial market, but to do so in sustainable investments and with ESG criteria.

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