Is your relationship with money healthy?

Has managing the family finances become a nightmare? Do you not know how to share money with your partner? Does the anguish bite you when you realise that you haven’t saved anything? Perhaps your relationship with money is not healthy enough. When this happens you probably need some good financial therapy. Head of agents Lara de Castro, who is also a professional coach, gives us some clues in a new Territori 17 of La Xarxa.


“Financial therapy addresses the link we have with money, when it is not very aligned with what we want in life, when it has a negative impact on our reality,” De Castro summarises. There are many scenarios where financial therapy can be useful. The clearest example is that of all those people who have the habit of making impulsive purchases and, little by little, fall into compulsiveness. Financial therapy can help us to answer what is behind these compulsive purchases and how to deal with a possible lack of money due to debts we have incurred.

“Many decisions we make often go through unconscious circuits,” the head of agents warns. And its effects extend to many spheres of our private lives, including our relationships. “When we share a bank account, the income comes from two different sides. When we spend from that shared current account and we don’t tell our partner or we don’t comply with the agreed planning, the other can interpret it as financial infidelity,” Lara de Castro.

Want to go deeper into the reasons why you might need financial counselling? Who can you ask for help? Listen to the whole conversation below!

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