‘The golden circle’, the reason for success

The English motivational speaker Simon Sinek has developed a whole theory to explain why some companies and some professionals achieve success. He has called this theory ‘The golden circle’. Head of agents Lara de Castro explains how we can take advantage of this inspiration to succeed in business.


According to Sinek, the secret lies in the way we explain things: how do we inspire others, how do we convey our ideas and projects, how do we make others believe as much as you do in the initiatives you want to undertake? The key is to start with the why, then move on to the how, and finally explain the what. The 11Onze project, for example, can be explained in a conventional way or using ‘The golden circle’ method. Which of the two stories do you connect with more? Watch the video below, and find out!

11Onze is becoming a phenomenon as the first Fintech community in Catalonia. Now, it releases the first version of El Canut, the super app of 11Onze, for Android and Apple. El Canut, the first universal account can be opened in Catalan territory.

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