Resilience: where do I fit in the world?

Have you made New Year’s resolutions that you don’t think you can keep? It’s happened to all of us: we set out to do something, but then it’s too hard for us. To make our initiative grow, we first need self-esteem, self-improvement, patience and… resilience! The 11Onze agent Laura Bunyol gives us some tips on how to become more resilient.


In psychology, the term “resilience” comes from the Latin word “resilire”, which means “to return.” Resilience, then, is the capacity we have to return to our natural or original state after a traumatic situation or one that has made us change the way we see the world. With the pandemic, we have a good opportunity to find out if we are resilient.

The key to resilience, however, is to return to harmony having learned something we did not previously know, and having incorporated that knowledge into who we are. “Resilience is the ability to see life’s difficulties in a positive light,” Bunyol sums up. Even so, it is often precisely these difficulties that pull us back. Why is it that some people see everything as very difficult and others get through it without a problem?

Resilience is closely linked to self-esteem and our self-concept, in other words, to interpersonal factors. “It has been proven that a person is more resilient if he or she is able to establish healthy emotional relationships, i.e. if he or she is able to love,” 11Onze agent argues. Good mental health can also help us do this.

Laura Bunyol discovered the concept of “resilience” far from home, and has now set out to introduce it into the everyday lives of Catalans. Who am I, what am I here to do in the world, what is my purpose? Resilience calls us back to our inner purpose, tests us and helps us to make our way, and this is good. If you want to know more about resilience, watch the video below!

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