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Registered with the Dutch Central Bank and headquartered in Amsterdam, Bitvavo is one of Europe’s leading digital asset exchanges. It launched in 2018 offering reasonable fees, security and a simple and easy to use platform that has made it an ideal choice for beginners and experienced users alike.


In the five years since its market launch, Bitvavo has been driven by its founding pillar of making cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone. It was entering a sector dominated by US-based exchanges that were pioneers in facilitating the exchange of digital assets, but which needed to be more intuitive for people inexperienced in trading cryptocurrencies and had some shortcomings in terms of the security they offered to their users.

As Mark Nuvelstijn, CEO and co-founder of Bitvavo, explains: “The high threshold for buying and selling cryptocurrencies concerned us. Of course, there were large international traders, but you could only deposit euros in some places, and you couldn’t trade in altcoins. It was also not possible to store them securely.”

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies securely


Bitvavo is regulated and registered with the Dutch Central Bank, its depositors have access to the Deposit Guarantee Fund, so up to €100,000 could be recovered in the event of the exchange’s bankruptcy. In addition, the platform uses cold wallets so that in the event of a cyberattack, Bitvavo could restore deposits. In other words, customers’ digital currencies are regularly downloaded to physical devices without an internet connection.

However, Bitvavo wanted to take it a step further and offers additional protection: “Bitvavo’s cryptocurrencies are insured up to 250 million. As for the euro funds, they are also stored in a separate secure entity. In addition, we are working on account insurance to guarantee up to 100,000 euros,” Nuvelstijn notes.

Access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies


Bitvavo allows you to store, buy, sell and withdraw more than 190 digital currencies. When trading cryptocurrencies, you will have the option to store tokens in the exchange’s own wallet, which is free to use.

The process of signing up to the platform is simple, you can do it via the 11Onze Recommends link. In addition, until 15 August, Bitvavo is rewarding €500 to Binance and OKX users who transfer their funds from these exchanges, which can be used for the purchase of digital assets. Here is a tutorial on how to do it.


11Onze Recommends Bitvavo, cryptocurrencies easily, securely and at a low cost.


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