11Onze Recommends: cryptocurrencies with Bitvavo

Cryptocurrencies come to La Plaça from the hand of the leading exchange house in the Netherlands. An easy and secure proposal with a €20 gift for 11Onze people to start getting into the world of the crypto-economy.


Cryptocurrencies are a very interesting alternative to regulated currencies, whether they are the current fiat currencies or the CBDCs that several countries are starting to implement. They are primarily a space for freedom in the digital world. And, despite often trying to fuel the idea that anonymity facilitates criminality, cryptocurrencies are much more traceable than physical money. They are, therefore, becoming a real and attractive alternative as a store of value and as a digital currency.


Bitvavo in La Plaça


You can already find all the information about Bitvavo at 11Onze Recommends. It is an exchange house registered with the Central Bank of the Netherlands and offers an easy and intuitive platform. There are more than 190 currencies available and the process is very simple: register on the platform via the 11Onze Recommends link.

“Our goal is that everyone can access cryptocurrencies,” explains Oriol Blanch, affiliate manager for the Spanish and French markets at Bitvavo. Oriol acknowledges that young people are more interested in crypto economics, but that they have tried to make the platform accessible to everyone. “My parents use it,” Oriol confirms. However, no one hides the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

At a time when the sector is maturing, there are cases of coins that gain a lot of value very quickly, but which are not really solid. In this sense, Oriol recommends being informed and buying reliable cryptocurrencies: “Bitcoin, because it is the first and because of the way it is mined, and Ethereum, because of what it provides with smart contracts, are probably the most reliable. For the rest, you have to be informed and look at what is behind them”.


Online exchange house


Bitvavo allows you to exchange euros for any other digital currency. And it is cybercrime-proof because users’ money is kept in “cold wallets”. “This means,” Oriol explains, “that what you deposit is stored in a physical device that is disconnected from the network. Therefore, in the event of an attack by cybercriminals, Bitvavo could restore the deposits. Moreover, in the event that a user is impersonated and funds are lost, being registered with the Dutch Central Bank offers access to the Deposit Guarantee Fund, so that up to €100,000 could be recovered. It represents a very safe option in an environment that sometimes creates a sense of insecurity for users.

Will cryptocurrencies end up being a substitute for current currencies? We asked Oriol Blanch and he is convinced that “they will be a very important alternative”. They will be if users want them to be. An alternative to the central banks’ digital currencies (CBDC), which will make it possible to monitor and manipulate the economy according to the interests of regulators. “Cryptocurrencies and CBDCs will coexist,” says Blanch, “because there is no doubt that states will force us to use CBDCs and they have the power to do so. But there will also be cryptocurrencies. We will have to see how regulation progresses”.

In the meantime, you can find out more about cryptocurrencies and Bitvavo at 11Onze Recommends and by listening to this conversation with Bitvavo’s representative in our country.

11Onze Recommends Bitvavo, cryptocurrency trading made easy, safe and at a good value.


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