Tips to save money to enjoy a summer holiday

Here we present 10 recommendations for you to enjoy your holiday and save on bookings and many other things.


This year, many people are expected to go on holidays in July, but will we have money for our much-desired holiday? I am sure we are all thinking about summer and, therefore, on the holiday; many of you already have in your mind the place where you want to travel, but you are waiting for new recommendations on whether we will finally be able to take a plane and enjoy a well-earned disconnection.

Holidays are necessary to reset ourselves, to enjoy our beloved ones’ presence, which is very necessary, and to recharge the batteries to get back to work with a clear head. It is also a time when we try not to pay so much attention to expenses: we usually eat too much, we buy things we know we will not find in our city, and we go to that hotel that we desired so much. That is why we are telling you some tips for saving on holidays, so that the return in September is more tolerable and free of headaches.

  1. Start saving a year earlier if you can
    The first recommended step is to create an estimated budget of the amount you want to invest in your next destination so that you can create a savings plan a year earlier. The most comfortable method is opening a savings account or wallet at your bank and making a recurring automatic monthly transfer; this way, before you start your holiday, you will have the saved amount you need to avoid unforeseen expenses.
  2. Book in advance
    The online world provides us with a huge price variety. Besides, if you can have the dates for your confirmed holiday at the start of the year, you can save a lot of money, you will get better prices on your plane or train ticket, etc. The earlier you book it, the better! And the same thing will happen with the hotel; we even recommend that you book a table in that restaurant you’ve been following on Instagram using applications that offer very interesting discounts, even 50%. It is important that you check cancellation costs on your bookings, in case it is necessary.
  3. Take advantage of breakfast
    Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is necessary for large walks. Make use of breakfast if it’s included in your hotel nights; get ready and eat like a king; take advantage and grab a fruit for mid-morning, in case you get hungry before lunch.
  4. Schedule sites
    If you love making a presentation of your next trip and sharing it with the rest of your travelling companions, you’re lucky, because this is another way to save money. If you list the sites you want to visit, you have the option to visit their website and make the reservation. You can find promotions and, if you are several people, you can benefit from group discounts. In addition, if you purchase the ticket in advance, you may even avoid long queues.
  5. Currency exchange
    Even though currency prices cannot be controlled, before exchanging currency, check with your trusted bank a few weeks before your trip, to know if it is better to wait till the day before the departure. In many cases, the recommendation will be to do so at the airport, as exchange houses try to offer the best prices. One important thing: if you want to make credit card purchases during your trip, exchange an amount, even if it’s small, in case any unforeseen event arises (train ticket, tips, etc.).
  6. Use cards moderately
    As we mentioned before, when you’re on holiday, the last thing you want to think about is how much you’re spending, but we almost always exceed ourselves… Try to implement the recommendations that we have made so far and try to avoid the use of credit cards as much as possible if it is not planned in your priorities. At that moment, it will be an impulsive purchase, but later, it will become an important amount of spent money.
  7. Road trip
    If your holiday option is to take the car and go to some nearby villages, use GPS, which always recommends the best route to avoid making unnecessary miles and thus save on petrol. Visiting destinations near home is a highly recommended option; we often forget the wonderful places we have near our city that we can visit without taking a plane.
  8. Avoid restaurants for tourists
    Plan your time well and, when you visit some particular place, if it is in a tourist area, avoid rush hours for lunch or dinner: normally, restaurants in these areas are of poor quality and high cost. It is preferable to walk four steps and look for alternative places that are frequented by locals, to ask the hotel receptionist, the taxi driver, and, of course, to look at the options Internet searchers provide.
  9. Hire free tours
    Find them in the centre of big cities or ask that friend who travels a lot, who has certainly used them. They’re tour guides that take you around the city and tell you a lot of very interesting things without a specific fee. If you like it, it’s optional to leave a tip.
  10. Finance your holiday
    If it has been a difficult year and you cannot follow some of the advice that we have mentioned, such as planning in advance, do not give up to a few well-earned days of rest, find your closest travel agency, and finance that trip you are so excited about; you can also consult your bank and extend your credit card so that you can cope with your expenses or borrow a small loan that you will return comfortably month by month.

Summer is here. Use these recommendations and start daydreaming. And remember, split the amount established for your pleasure throughout your holidays and do not spend more than expected.


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