What made you decide to become one of the founders and shareholders of 11Onze Bank?

EL MÓN Diari INTERVIEW with Jordi Roset, one of the 148 founding members of the financial institution | “We need a bank that does not work for the establishment and the Spanish Deep State”, remarks the Terrassa businessman


As a country, we need an iconic bank. All first world countries have their benchmark. We had them in Catalonia, but we have already seen that after the 1-O of 2017, the largest banks with a long history decided to move their banks located in Catalonia under pressure from the state and the monarch. We need a bank that works authentically for the country, for its society and its business industries. I hope the Generalitat takes the step of creating a central bank, but at least, in the meantime, we need a central private bank that promotes the reconstruction of the country in all areas.

Read the entire interview in EL MÓN newspaper by Jordi Roset here

Why did you decide to invest in 11Onze?

The main reason is that, due to past circumstances, Catalonia does not have an entirely Catalan bank. After the independence process in 2017, larger banks with a long history decided to move their headquarters located in Catalonia as a result of political and state pressure. I think that does not say much about a bank that is really committed to our country, it can not be that at the slightest change they decide to leave everything and leave. This is precisely where the need arises to have a 100% Catalan bank and also believe in the possibilities of your country.


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