‘Are fintech communities the future of banking?’

The Fintech Times, a leading news outlet for Fintech professionals, explains how 11Onze is bringing a sense of community to the fintech sector. You can read the full article here


“We all know how quickly well-known brands can become redundant in their sector, be it Nokia and Blackberry in the mobile phones sector, or Kodak in the camera sector. Technology played a crucial role in this disruption. James Séne, Chairman, 11Onze, first community fintech in Europe, is confident that technology will also shake up the foundations of our current banking system.“

The Fintech Times

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    Ben definit

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    La confiança, la transparència i una mateixa direcció en els objectius això fa per mi.

    • Eve Doña says:

      Aquest són els valors que volem transmetre als nostres clients i usuaris. Gràcies pel teu comentari Francesc!

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