“La Rumba dels Calerons” and 11Onze on Rac1

Albert Om interviews Miliu de la Cera on the programme ‘Islandia’ and states that “La Rumba dels Calerons” is “the summer hit”. The rumba of the Petitet band breaks the taboo of 11Onze in the traditional Catalan media.


“Petitet in December he made a Christmas carol and now… he’s created the summer hit! This is how Albert Om began his interview with Miliu de la Cera on the occasion of the premiere of “La Rumba dels Calerons“. The music producer answered Rac1’s questions and explained how it all went: “Petitet called me and said, Miliu, I have a very good idea, come home and we’ll have a look at it. And this time he said to me, I have this. I have it for some very beautiful people, called 11Onze. They explained the idea to me and you can see the result, it’s really beautiful“.

“Apart from that, there’s a fantastic video clip,” said Albert Om, “you had a good time, didn’t you? Indeed, as the journalist points out, for the video clip, 11Onze organised a popular party in the middle of the Rambla del Raval with more than 120 people. Miliu adds, “rumba is a good thing and the people of the Raval, who are beautiful and nice people… well, you don’t have to shout at them too much to join the party, you saw that”.


The message of the song

About 11Onze, Miliu explained that, “it’s a financial institution that is designed for ordinary people, for common people like us”. That’s why, when Petitet and 11Onze’s content director, Toni Mata, spoke, “a common idea” immediately emerged. In this sense, Olmo added, “there is this idea of redistributing wealth and that money has the importance it has”.

Petitet also appeared in a voice-over to thank Albert Om for paying attention to “La Rumba dels Calerons”: “thank you, Albert Om for presenting my new project, this work that the 11Onze people asked me for. They were very open-minded people, I was able to work for 3 months to make this song”. On the message, Petitet declared that beyond money, “the most important thing is to have peace. Peace with yourself. That’s why I talk about money. Money is the misfortune of life”.


11Onze’s debut in the traditional Catalan media

The interview with producer Miliu de la Cera is 11Onze’s first appearance in the traditional media in Catalonia. Until now, only digital media such as Elmon.cat and programmes such as Tevecat’s Estat de la Nació had paid any attention to the project. Rac1’s Islandia is the leading afternoon programme in Catalonia, with 125,000 listeners, according to the latest EGM. Little by little, then, 11Onze is also making inroads in the traditional media, breaking the taboo that has hitherto surrounded the organisation. And, as the song shows and as Petitet always says, “it’s better to laugh than to cry”.

You can listen to Albert Om’s complete interview with Miliu de la Cera in this video prepared by the same music producer of “La Rumba dels Calerons”.



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