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Marketingdirecto, the leading online advertising and marketing media, has dedicated an article to 11Onze District, the 11Onze marketing agency led by Gemma Vallet, recognising a job well done since its launch in summer 2022. You can read the article below.


11Onze District, the in-house agency of 11Onze fintech, is born


11Onze, a Southern European fintech community, social network, marketplace and neobank, based in Barcelona launches 11Onze District, an in-house marketing agency. An agency born to also help catapult startups and emerging brands into the local and global market through branded content campaigns, programmatic advertising, social selling and live shopping.

Taking advantage of the knowledge and experience acquired during the launch of the fintech platform and the super app EL CANUT, now one of the strategic objectives of 11Onze is also to help especially new companies, startups, in their marketing and communication.

The president of 11Onze, James Sène, points out that “11Onze District has something really unique: a media and social network with a loyal community like We can offer brands a global martech advertising service, through branded content and programmatic advertising that we can activate on and other digital media., the social network and community of 11Onze District

The 11Onze social network and community,, has more than 15,000 registered and active members. This is a premium audience. Brands achieve eCommerce conversion rates that can exceed 1%.

Our advertiser brands are serviced by our team of senior experts in digital marketing, social media, branding, content marketing and global eCommerce performance marketing,” he adds.

11Onze District also offers innovative advertising formats within the platform such as social selling and live shopping, supported by a specialised influencer marketing service, a very exclusive and effective service, thanks to the network of 11Onze agents, people certified and trained to provide information on fintech products.

“11Onze District is an in-house agency, although it has been designed to serve other brands. It has been created in record time and puts 11Onze at the forefront of advertising and marketing technology,” explained Gemma Vallet, director and driving force behind 11Onze District.

“I firmly believe that any social network – like the 11Onze community – as well as the giants Meta, TikTok or Google – should have its own agency to service brands. And these agencies have been historically proven to facilitate and help innovate both the creative agencies, media agencies and mainly the brand advertiser,” adds Gemma Vallet.

As a result of 11Onze’s reputation and the personal trajectory of James Sène, in large media groups, and Gemma Vallet, in renowned international consultancies and advertising agencies, 11Onze District has been able to attract strategic partners in programmatic advertising and OTT platform, to activate digital campaigns both locally and internationally with all the guarantees.

Among 11Onze District’s clients is Natulim, a startup with a star product, its vegan and ecological soap strips for washing clothes, which has recently been awarded as the best innovative product in the Spanish market.

You can read the original article here.


11Onze is the community fintech of Catalonia. Open an account by downloading the super app El Canut for Android or iOS and join the revolution!

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    M’ encanta la ubicació d’ 11Onze en el mapa físic mundial: “11Onze, una comunitat fintech al Sud d’Europa amb seu a Barcelona”. Un altre motlle, de moment, esberlat. Seguim. Propera parada?

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