“We have to provide clear and transparent information”

A marketplace is the digital equivalent of a shopping mall in which different brands, companies, and retailers can sell their products or services online. The rise of these e-commerce platforms raises ethical questions about our consumption habits. Gemma Vallet, director of 11Onze District, explains it in a new episode of Estat de la Nació.


The closure of non-essential shops and mobility restrictions imposed during the sanitary crisis made e-commerce platforms such as Amazon even more popular. Feelings of anxiety, irritability, and nervousness caused by confinement spurred compulsive buying, which often only temporarily relieves distress while generating feelings of guilt.

As Vallet explains, “the pandemic has digitised, without question, all generations”, with the result that “we find that we have 100% of users” as potential online shoppers. In this context, the importance of responsible consumption takes centre stage.

This is why, as Vallet points out, in the marketplace recently opened in 11Onze with “essential products”, people are advised in an open way “to think twice before buying, and to consider what is an essential product”.

An economic and ecosystem crisis

The social consensus towards respect for the environment and the rational use of natural resources was already a growing trend in many social spheres. Now there is a consensus that recognises that economic growth must respect rules of sustainability between ecology and economy. Small changes in our consumption habits can have a significant impact on the transition to a new concept of a green economy.

Marketplaces can play a crucial role in offering products that adapt to this new trend. For example, as Vallet explains, “in the face of an economic and ecosystem crisis, we have to think about water. That is why we offer a product such as Tapp Water in our marketplace, which allows you to save water and reduce excessive plastic consumption”.

So that consumers can make an informed decision, Vallet adds that “in any product campaign we have to provide clear and transparent information, and from here you decide”.


If you want to discover how to drink the best water, save money and help the planet, go to 11Onze Essentials.

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