11Onze Segurs, featured in the British press

The launch of 11Onze Segurs has not gone unnoticed beyond our borders. Several international media outlets have reported on 11Onze’s entry into the insurance market thanks to its agreement with Tuio.


The international media indicate that 11Onze’s agreement with the Tuio insurance company allows it to offer “a unique market proposal”, with “agile, transparent and affordable” home insurance. In fact, the same media highlight that this home insurance “is between 15 and 20% cheaper than the average policy on the market”.

The pieces of news point out that 11Onze Segurs is a break with the traditional insurance model, which tries “to save on claims to maintain their profits”. On the contrary, in the new model of 11Onze Segurs, 25% of the amount paid goes to the insurance company and the remaining 75% is dedicated to cover claims and donations to NGOs.


A simple proposal

In addition, the international media agree in reproducing statements by 11Onze’s president, James Sène, in which he emphasises the company’s desire to offer tools that enable the community to reduce “essential expenses”. Hence the launch of “the best home insurance at the best price and with benefits for society“. Sène emphasises the simplicity of the proposal, which eliminates “unnecessary paperwork and hidden clauses”.

Another aspect highlighted by the president of 11Onze is the company’s commitment to society. This is the reason why “most of the profits are not distributed to shareholders and managers, but the NGOs” chosen by customers. In this line, the pieces of news published in the UK media point out that 11Onze’s partner for this product is a certified B Corp.

You can consult the original news published in ‘Finextra’ and ‘Fintech Finance’.


If you want to discover fair insurance for your home and for society, check 11Onze Segurs.

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