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🏠 Be safe with home insurance!

  • 💰 The insurance is between 15%-20% cheaper than with traditional companies.
  • 💳 The payment is monthly or yearly. And you can cancel whenever you want.
  • 💁🏻 When you ask for assistance, a RACC technician will come to your home
  • ✅ The insurance you can take out through 11Onze Insurance is quicker, cheaper, with less paperwork, and you end up helping NGOs.

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How is this possible?🤔

We explain how it works👇

The usual

Traditional insurance companies work like this:

  • You pay your annual insurance.
  • If you don’t have any claims, all income goes to the insurer.

Therefore: in many cases they will try not to cover claims because they would make less profit!

This is why insurance policies’ small print is so long, because they detail a lot of exclusions to try to save on coverage.

Decoupling claims from profits

  • This money is the insurer’s income.
  • The rest is left to cover claims.
  • What if the year ends and there is money left over because there have been few claims?
  • This is the money that goes to the NGOs chosen by the clients.

This avoids the perversion of the insurance company trying not to do its job, which is to cover the claims you have.

🏠 What makes the 11Onze Segurs proposal stand out for your home?

  • ❌ Eliminate the paperwork
  • 🔍 Eliminate hidden clauses
  • 💰 Don’t overpay for your insurance
  • 🌐 And what’s more, you’ll be helping the NGO of your choice!


⚡ How do you make a claim?

You can do it all from your mobile! Forget the paperwork, the back and forth with loss adjusters, certified facsimiles and the piped music while you wait for them to answer your query, it’s very easy, check it out!

The fastest resolution💨

This is the swiftest insurance on the market.

  • ⏰ In 3 hours, we attend to the emergency.
  • 📅 If it is a non-urgent claim, we respond within 24 hours.
  • 🔧 For non-urgent claims, in 48 hours, you have a technician at home.

And, if we don’t meet the deadlines: we give you your money back!💰

More information📁

That’s right, we are between 15 and 20% cheaper than the average policy on the market. A monthly subscription so that you only pay for what you need, when you need it, from 5 euros a month.

Exactly, we offer a 100% digital home insurance, which aims to insure you only for what you really need and when you need it.

Here is a list of the main covers you can choose from:

  • Damage due to theft, they compensate you for the objects stolen and damage caused. Option of extended theft cover.
  • Water damage, if a pipe bursts, leaks, clogs or leaks into another home.
  • Fire damage, covers damage and fire extinguishing costs.
  • Breakage of glass, repair of windows, screens, glass-ceramic hobs, etc.
  • Marble and sanitary ware.
  • Damage due to storm, rain, wind or hail.
  • Coverage in the event of having to rebuild your home.
  • Other structures, such as garages or sheds.
  • Technical assistance, such as locksmiths and plumbers. The company pays for the first 3 hours.
  • Hotel expenses up to €12.000.
  • Accident damage to third parties.
  • Legal defence.
  • Optional comprehensive accident cover.
  • Valuable objects over €2,000.

The insurer has a method for opening claims that makes the process much quicker:

  1. Click on the “Report” button through the Tuio app.
  2. Record a video detailing what has happened, and the chatbot will guide you to upload all the data we need to process it.
  3. The insurer’s loss adjusters will review the case.
  4. Once you have completed all the information we will offer you two types of solutions, compensation or repair (in some cases we can offer you both so that you can choose the one you are most interested in).

The commitment is to attend to an emergency within 3 hours, approve your request within 24 hours and have a professional at home within 48 hours. If these deadlines are not met, Tuio will refund your money.

Tuio is in the process of being set up in Catalonia by 11Onze. We are working together as quickly as possible to adapt the platform and the functionalities offered to the Catalan language.

The main method of payment is by card or direct debits.

The payment of your insurance is done instantly, and you are protected from this very moment (no waiting for call centres, no paperwork, 100% online).

You can cancel your policy at any time through the app, and you will be covered until the end of the month you cancel.

You will know from the moment you take out the insurance, you only pay for what you need, getting the best prices on the market.

Spanish law does not make it compulsory to take out home insurance, except in one case: whenever a mortgage is taken out on the property with a bank. Even so, it is recommended to have the home insured. The greatest risk for a homeowner who, whether due to high prices, lack of information or personal decision, does not have a home insurance policy, has to do precisely with the probability of an accident or claim. Without such a policy, the homeowner bears all the costs of repairing the property and damages to third parties.

We can manage and facilitate the process. In fact, it is very easy. From the moment you register, we will help you to manage the move.

If the expiry date of your insurance (when your commitment with your current insurance ends, which typically lasts for a year, like some mobile phone contracts) is close, we will get to work to change your insurance without you having to worry about anything else.

If the expiry date is still a long way off, but you want to change to us, we don’t want you to pay for something you don’t need. We will put you in our database and when the expiry date of your insurance is near, we will contact you to make the change.

If you prefer to do it yourself, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Notify the insurance company one month in advance.
  2. Send a registered letter to cancel your home insurance policy with the following information:
    1. Name and surname of the policyholder.
    2. DNI/NIE number and policy number.
    3. Location and date.
    4. Social address of the insurer.
    5. Formal request for the cancellation of the policy, indicating the effective date of cancellation.
    6. Signature of the insured person.
  3. Send the same letter by e-mail or a filled form, or through the customer page in the company’s website, depending on the insurance policy.
  4. Calling the telephone number provided by the insurer for this service.

Tuio is an underwriting agency regulated by the Dirección General de Seguros with code number AS-0116. It is an insurance company created to offer a better, more pleasant and transparent experience than we are used to today.

The aim is to offer insurance products adapted to the century in which we live. Products with a digital experience, where you easily know what is covered and what is not and where it is easy to make a claim, as they are available via mobile, without having to give your details 5 times and without having to wait in a call centre.

Tuio seguros is an underwriting agency validated by the Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones, the insurance regulator. Insurance companies have to pass a fairly strict approval by the regulator to be registered. Not just anyone can sell insurance. In addition, they have the support of Murimar Insurance. Murimar is an insurance company that covers them if there is a liquidity problem. They also have the support of two reinsurers, Mapfre RE and Liberty. These reinsurance companies are established companies that back most insurance companies to provide an additional layer of security and liquidity.

In terms of repairs, we have the support of RACC, a national leader in home repairs with a network of more than 400 professionals.

Therefore, we can safely state that it is a company you can trust.

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