This Sant Jordi, spread Love with Gold

After the success of Love with Gold for Valentine’s Day, we reactivate the campaign for Sant Jordi. Carolina Rafales, from the 11Onze product team, talks about the perfect gift for those special moments you want to celebrate with the people you love.


There are just a few days left until the Diada de Sant Jordi, one of the most eagerly awaited and celebrated festivities in Catalonia. As every year, on 23 April, we will see the traditional exchange of roses and books between couples as a sign of love.

Legend has it that from the blood of the dragon slain by the knight Jordi grew a rose bush of red roses that bloomed every April. A symbol of love that comes with an ear of wheat, the fruit of the fertile land and an allegory of prosperity.

An eternal gift that gains value over time.

This is a very nice tradition, but roses, due to their ephemeral nature, eventually wither and lose their charm. Why not complement roses and books as a sign of love with a gift that lasts over time?

Carolina Rafales doesn’t need convincing, “If we gift a gold coin, its value increases day by day, like our love”. What’s more, this Sant Jordi you can choose between three gold coins and shipping is free for El Canut users. But don’t think about it for too long, the last orders are on 12 April if you want to receive your coin for Sant Jordi!

If you would like to request information about the gold coins, please fill in this form.

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