For Saint George’s Day, give gold!

Since the 15th century, 23 April, Saint George’s Day (el dia de Sant Jordi), has been a celebration of love and romance in Catalonia. A rose is given to the person you love, but if you want a gift that instead of withering away will gain value over time… Give gold coins! That’s why at 11Onze we are reactivating the Love with Gold campaign. Place your order before 12 April.


Sant Jordi’s Day is approaching, probably the most celebrated day in Catalonia. The 23rd of April is celebrated as the Day of the Book, of the rose, of lovers, it is the patron saint of the nation, also, Catalan culture is commemorated. That is why roses are accompanied by an ear of wheat, symbolising the hard work of an entire nation. Five celebrations in a single day, which is also a working day.

But beyond the traditions, at 11Onze we want to add a practical touch that does not detract from the romanticism of this day. Giving a red rose, symbolising the blood of the dragon killed by the knight Sant Jordi, is all well and good. But a few days later the rose will be dry, no matter how many tricks you try to preserve it. So at 11Onze, we offer a gift that gains value over time: gold. We are reactivating the Love with Gold campaign, a way of telling your partner that you love him/her and that your relationship improves with time.

Gold coins now available!

The steady revaluation of gold in recent months makes us very optimistic about the future of this precious metal. The turbulence in the international economy and, more specifically, doubts about fiat currencies such as the dollar and the euro have pushed the price of gold to record highs which might be broken soon. It is, therefore, a good time to give gold as a gift to your loved ones. In this edition of Love with Gold, you have available the three coins we usually work with at 11Onze: the Krugerrand, the Britannia, and the Vienna Philharmonic. All of them will be sent to you free of charge if you have an account with El Canut, our application.

What is the dateline?

If you want to receive the coins at home before Sant Jordi, remember to place your order before April 12th.


If you would like to request information about the gold coins, please fill in this form.

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