11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves: Shelter Schools for Children

The collaboration between the 11Onze community and the Better Shelter Foundation is an example of the power of solidarity and cooperation in the face of emergency situations. The ultimate goal of this 11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves initiative is to create 50 shelter schools to accommodate 1,750 children displaced by the Syrian earthquake. But what do these classrooms look like? And how do we build them?


Through this partnership, we aim to create a network of help and support for the affected communities, providing a safe place and the necessary tools so that the children can continue their education and regain normality in their lives. 11Onze is asking its community to roll up its sleeves to help children affected by the earthquake in northern Syria. Can we let these children continue to spend their days on the streets with nothing to do, with all the risks that this entails? We at 11Onze think not, and we hope that the community will get involved.


A lasting solution

The Better Shelter School is an innovative and lasting solution for communities affected by natural disasters or conflicts. This initiative with which 11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves is collaborating is promoted by the Swedish foundation Better Shelter with the aim of building schools in northern Syria after the devastating earthquake that affected the region.

“We want to have an immediate impact in the affected area”.

As Jas Texidó, Director of Public and Institutional Relations at 11Onze, explains, “We wanted to do a collaborative action that would have an immediate impact in the affected area.” James Sène, 11Onze’s Chairman, suggested contacting the Ikea Foundation, which was already making shelters for Better Shelter, “so that we could avoid unnecessary intermediaries and this would allow us to directly follow up on the contributions of our community”, states Texidó.

Safe, sturdy and made of quality materials

The shelter schools not only provide a safe space for learning but also serve as a place of emotional stability for the personal development of the affected children. These schools will serve as a bridging tool that will empower them on the path to a more hopeful future.

Better Shelters are much more than just temporary tents. These structures are designed to last over time and provide a safe and dignified place for children and their families in the midst of a crisis. With this goal in mind, the shelters are built with quality materials and are resistant to weather and other environmental factors.



The manufacturing and assembly process of the classrooms is efficient and relatively simple, costing only 2,333 euros and taking only two hours to assemble. Once packed at the IKEA facility, they are shipped to a distribution centre close to the affected area. In the region, Better Shelter partners, including non-governmental organisations and volunteers, are working to set up the shelter schools and furnish them accordingly.

The time required to set up a shelter varies, but usually at least two months from the signing of the contract. This timeframe depends on the operations of the volunteers carrying out the installation. However, in emergency situations, measures are put in place to speed up this process and quickly provide a safe place for children and refugees.

The ultimate goal of this initiative is to create 50 shelter schools, with funding of €100,000, to help 1,750 displaced children. Let’s roll up our sleeves and come together to support this project – someone has to do it!

11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves is 11Onze’s service to help people all over the world.


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