Litigation Funding: Carme’s experience

Litigation Funding, which 11Onze recommends, gives you returns on your savings that are much higher than those offered by traditional banks and with total security. It is not us telling you, it is our clients, such as Carme Masó.


Diversifying our savings in safe-haven assets such as precious metals or in low-risk investments that help us fight inflation is essential if we want to protect our capital.

Although bank deposits are starting to improve their returns thanks to rising interest rates, they are still not sufficient to compensate for the loss of purchasing power caused by high inflation. Similarly, over the last 15 years, investment funds in Spain have only generated an average return of 1.91%, well below inflation.

In this economic context, Litigation Funding offers yields ranging from 9% to 11% depending on the amount contributed and gives you a fixed return with a success rate of over 90%. Furthermore, it gives you total security, since the capital of 11Onze’s clients is 100% insured if the legal process does not go as planned.

“The money is insured, you never lose it, at most you’ll stay the same as you are, but you won’t lose it.”

A safe and highly profitable proposal

If we want to protect our savings, it is not easy to find a low-risk product that offers good returns. As a general rule, the higher the returns, the higher the risk.

This is not the case with Litigation Funding and this is what attracted Carme Masó: “The first thing that caught my attention was the interest they offered, fixed and much higher than other options“, and she stresses the importance of insurance, “The money is insured, you never lose it, at most you will stay the same as you are, but you will not lose it”.

A self-certified qualified investor

When you ask for information to assess whether to invest, the first step is to sign a document certifying you as a qualified investor. In other words, the investor tells the investment company or platform that he/she knows what he/she is doing and that he/she feels comfortable being informed of the risks involved in the investment.

This document does not compel you to make any investment, but it is often a legal requirement to get the information. In the case of Litigation Funding, our UK provider is obliged to comply with UK regulations. Therefore, before you can provide full details of the product, you have to fill out what is known as a Self-Certified Sophisticated Investor document.

Carme was not surprised to see this document, “I had to sign a similar one when I bought gold with 11Onze Preciosos, and they had already explained to me what it was all about“. In any case, the process is very transparent and all the documentation is translated into Catalan.

“This year the investment has finished, and they have given me the interest. The money, which I could have collected, I have invested it again in Litigation Funding.”

Would you recommend Litigation Funding?

At the request of our community, we have worked with our provider to lower the barrier to entry to Litigation Funding by offering the option to contribute money as a group, so that more members of our community can participate.

But more importantly, would clients who already have experience with this product recommend it? Masó has no doubts, “It has worked for me. “This year the investment has finished and they have given me the interest. The money, which I could have collected, I have invested it again in Litigation Funding”.


Fund lawsuits against banks. Get justice done and returns on your savings above inflation thanks to the compensation the banks will have to pay. All the information about Litigation Funding can be found at 11Onze Recommends.

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